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Hello from the heart, everyone/

February 20, I fly to the Balkans and then to the Middle East to lecture. Usually I say nothing to you when I go somewhere to lecture, but this time, yes, I am telling you because I need you.

February 21-26 -- the Balkans.

The Balkans stand ready to become unstable.
This must be stopped.

In 1999, I was an international election supervisor in Kosovo after the terrible destruction of that area. I saw the burned houses. Miles and miles and miles of burned houses.

I saw one cow, one chicken, one cat.
I traveled extensively in Kosovo after the election, and those were the only animals I saw. Terrible.

The Serbs boycotted the election. Most of them had fled the country and the ones who remained were not voting.

Those Kosovars who voted thought they were not only voting for a president, but they thought they would be getting independence from Serbia. No.

They learned this after the election.
The United Nations was in charge of this decision.

Those who voted stem from the conquests of the former Turkish Empire. That is my understanding. Those Kosovars are predominantly Muslim.

The Serbs are Christian. They consider Kosovo to be an important part of their religious background and they want Kosovo to continue to be part of their empire.

You see the religious problem here?

On a smaller scale, doesn’t this religious strife sound the same as Iraq?

That happened to Peace, Love, and Light?

At this moment, the fire for independence begins to burn stronger in Kosovo and so the reaction of those who do not want independence becomes stronger.

A potentionally dangerous situation.

Please, I ask you, send your thoughts of peace to the Balkans.


February 27-March 5 -- the Middle East.

After the Balkans, I go to the United Arab Emirates, which, as you know, sits in the middle of a big mess.

The UAE is quiet, fortunately.
Please, I ask you, send your thoughts of peace to the Middle East.

Aggression is based on a desire for power and on fear and misunderstanding and noncommunication.

Everyone shouts for peace, yet, aggression continues.

Yes, I ask you, send your thoughts to the Middle East.

Enough is enough!

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf

P.S. I will not have my computer with me.