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July 22, 2006



Hello from my heart, this is Barbara.

Today the thought form called Middle East shown to us on television and in the newspapers is a negative thought form of violence, bombing, struggle to escape, terrified children, heart-broken men and women.

 I have no desire to live in this negative thought form. I do not think you want to live there either.

 We create what we want.
That is the freedom given to humanity.

 Let us create a positive thought form of the Middle East that we want to live in. When it is formed, let us energize it.

 Years ago, I lived for a short time in the Middle East. Specifically, in Beirut. I remember the city as clean, modern, vibrant, exciting. The inhabitants were always friendly, kind, and courteous to me. There was never a moment of discord between us.

 Over the years, I have visited Syria, Jordan, the West Bank, Gaza, Israel. Again, always, the inhabitants were friendly, kind, and courteous. There was never a moment of discord.

 This picture of the Middle East remains in my mind, and so I am continually energizing now, today, this wonderful thought form.

 I bless my thought form of the Middle East.
I send Love to my thought form of the Middle East.

Maybe you have not visited the Middle East. However, I think that over the years and in your schools you have learned about this place. Therefore, if you have formed a positive thought form of the Middle East, I ask you to continually energize it.

 In effect, we join each other in this endeavor. That is the beauty of mass consciousness. We and many, many, many others join to overlay our positive thought form onto the negative thought form of the Middle East.

This does not mean that we should stand by and do nothing when we see the terrible plight of the people. Those who are suffering need our compassion, our Love. If a suffering person stands on our doorstep, our impulse is to invite him into our house of peace.

Let us continue with this impulse.

Every time we see the suffering people caught in a terrible, negative thought form of the Middle East, let us with our minds invite them to join our positive thought form of peaceful Middle East.

Remember, mass consciousness is active here.
And also remember, the positive is more powerful than the negative.

We can begin to help weed the garden of its negativity so that one day both gardens will blossom with the same flowers of the positive.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf