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  Visualization and energy work for new oil leak in well of sunken drilling rig


From: Lois Hartwick,
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010

I am forwarding this which was requested by a Lightworker living on the Louisiana coast. It is relevant for all of us doing Lightwork, so I have sent you a copy and hope you will find time to assist. Feel free to forward. love and blessings, Lois


 Focus on creating a circle in which this oil is contained.

It must be held in a concrete form, so that it does not 'slip' away into amoebic shapes.

For those who are visual, it is time to utilize such a form, and almost see it like a barrel, going deep into the ocean, but containing the spill which has now reached much larger shapes and proportions.

What you will need to do is increase the size of the circle to incorporate how large the spill has grown and then begin to place a boundary around it.

I suggest again a circle, although the shape of the spill presently does not occupy such a shape, but the geometrics of this are suitable for containment and for placing it into a format more easily dealt with.

There must be an incorporation of the Angelic presence of the ocean there to come for aid as to what has occurred.

I would also suggest the Nature Spirits and Posideon to be called for their assistance to all which has been affected and will be in the days to come.

There are those who will lose everything as a result of this contamination, but now is the time for assistance to be leveled in the area, minimizing as much as possible.

The containment circle, Byrd, will assist in those working to boil off some of this oil, whether through fires or through sand ? containment which will allow for changes to occur with the oil slick everywhere. (I am not sure what this sand containment means, but it seems if enormous amounts of sand were dropped on top of the oil, it would limit spread and could actually be almost pulled up in some regard.

If not done by those working with the spill in actuality, you can visualize this and see great gauze-type enormous fishing nets pulling up the oil saturating sand. Then placed in enormous vats cylinders to contain it).

There will need to be a burning of this oil to release it, but it also contaminates the air with smoke and residual properties which are unhealthy.

I would like for you to see this as being neutralized by the higher forces where no harmful elements are present, and for that to call in Arch. Gabriel and Hilarion to assist in toning down harmful effects. You can see the clouds which billow up from oil to become clear through the higher beings who are called in to assist. Please use the higher elements of the Violet Flame as well to dispense with the negative effects felt in the Gulf area.

I will say that even with assistance there is a very negative effect which has been caused by mankind and it is time for people to see that these rigs placed far off the shore do not exclude everyone and everything from harm. The overall effect will bring harm to some with respect to their opportunities in the sea and it is time that greater protest to your governments is given now. You could also assist in this area, collecting thousands of signatures from those who have seen the difficulties of the past days, weeks and years with respect to lack of care for Nature and her powers. Yes, you may send this to others who might chose to work in this regard. It will also be important for the newly apportioned area of the East Coast where such oil applications have been approved.

I am with you in all things.

Thoth, the Atlantean