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November 22, 2008,

organized by The World Peace Prayer Society,

11:00 am EST 8:00 am PST 9:00 pm Pakistan


Powerful speakers from Pakistan spoke about their efforts to bring peace.

One of them, a high school principal, every morning assembles the students in front of the school where there is a recently planted peace pole. These students begin their day with thoughts of peace.

Every day they greet each other with the words, May Peace Prevail in Pakistan. They also write this on their homework papers.

This principal told us that the students have written to the government asking that the words Peace in Pakistan be on all legal stationery. Also, they have written to the news media asking that all negative broadcasting end with the positive words May Peace Prevail in Pakistan. They have written to train masters asking that all tickets be stamped with Peace in Pakistan.

When I visited the school, the students were sitting in neat rows on the floor of a large room taking a written exam. They were so well disciplined, there was not a sound in the room. I estimated there were seven rows of twenty students each. While walking in the room trying not to step on them, I noted that the walls were covered with student drawings. These drawings were expressions of peace.

There were no tables or chairs for these students, yet I have faith that these students will finish their schooling well-educated, with an emphasis on peace.

At the teleconference, the executive director of Harmony Foundation told us that peace poles are being extensively planted throughout the country. Over seventy organizations are cooperating with this effort. Also, peace plaques are being put on electricity poles and even on bicycles.

We who live in other parts of the world tend to be unaware of the unrest in Pakistan. Yet, when I visited the country, it was all too evident.

Let us salute those in Pakistan bravely night and day supporting peace for their country as well as peace in their neighboring countries.

 Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf