Note from Barbara:

The Global Meditations web site and the newsletters give you news from your brothers around the world to help you realize that no matter where your brothers live on this planet, all have similar hopes and dreams. Familiarity breeds tolerance, then love and understanding, and this leads to peace.

Everyone who meditates with the world can take from the well of energies produced by global meditations.
If there is a crisis in your area, draw from the well to help solve the problem.
The Good will follow the Good.

When you are drawing healing energies from the well to help a crisis in your area, you can also 'sweep your mind' to other places in the world that need help.
What is the purpose of global meditations?
1. To expand global consciousness.
2. To heal the earth and to help with human problems.
3. To learn your strength in coming together to act as One.
4. To learn how to use various healing techniques.

Will you tell others about the global meditations?
I will e-mail you before most global meditations.