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Message from SilverStar

Cherokee Nation.


Now ready: The 2006 Maka Wicahpi Waniyetu SACRED CALENDAR with the Universal and Spiritual Laws in Day-to-Day Living. This is a circular 13 Moon EarthStar Ceremonial Peace Calendar that includes the 11:11, 12:12, and 13:13 Sacred Star Symbols. An updated guidebook is also ready. Contact: Native American SilverStar,


The Sacred EarthStar Calendar is the 11:11, 12:12, and 13:13 Star Symbol activations in sacred cosmic time cycles. Following the Natural Calendar is the Ascension Way, and is the way we Two-Legged Rainbow Warriors of Mother Earth “co-create multidimensionally with consciousness” in the natural rhythms of cosmic time. In prayer, meditation, and ceremony, we, as Guardians of Mother Earth, channel Celestial Love energy for the benefit of all: Stone Nation People, Plant Nation People, Animal Nations, Two-Leggeds, Mother Earth . . . and the Universe.

The Sacred Star Knowledge is a 52,000-year old Universal and Spiritual Star Language, long known to the native aborigine first people of Turtle Island as the MorningStar Teachings of Creator. Hidden for thousands of years, now in a sacred manner through dreams and visions of Native American Elders Standing Elk, SilverStar, and Pathfinder, the Star Knowledge is gifted to you. The Star Elders of the Universes, seen and unseen, have revealed a treasure for Two-Legged Earth Children: “The Sacred Star Language awakens the stellar part of ourselves and activates our DNA light encoding.”

According to ancient instructions, Standing Elk, SilverStar, and Pathfinder came together in sacred Mother Earth ceremony to receive a spiritual understanding of their dreams and visions of the star writings. Over the past decade, under the guidance of the Old Ones and Dakota Spiritual Advisor Standing Elk, the Native Ameican Elders of Turtle Island have deciphered and anchored twenty-eight pairs of encoded stellar energies for all life on Earth, completing four books and a “winter count” for the people.

Understanding their commitment to Great Spirit, Standing Elk, SilverStar, and Pathfinder began a Sacred Walk to share the Star Knowledge with All Relatives of Mother Earth. Thus, through the Canupa Wakan Wicohan, the Way of the Sacred Pipe, the 16,000-year old sacred rites given to the Lakota Sioux Red Nation People from Great Spirit by White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Star Knowledge Bundle has opened and is shared directly with you, our Brothers and Sisters of the Four Directions.

Now is the beginning of the prophesied time of the Peace on Earth. Now is the time for Two-Legged Earth Children to wake up. Relatives, this Sacred EarthStar Ceremonial Peace Calendar, Maka Wicahpi Waniyetu, Universal and Spiritual Laws in Day-to-Day Living, is the way to awaken your DNA day by day.

Mother Earth Wisdom Freedom Star has joined her Sacred Solar Brothers and Sisters in the Fifth Dimension. “We are now star focused -- focused toward our Star Brothers and Sisters of the Universes.” -- Unci Sungmanitou Tanka, Grandmother Wolf.