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Sheet Music for “Let There Be Peace on Earth”
Jan-Lee Music, P.O. Box 111, Occidental, California USA 95465
Tel: 1-800-211-8454; Email:

From Eric Van der Wyk:

Hello friends,

My new song; "Give Thanks (There is Peace in the Music)" is ready. Please visit and have a listen.

"Let There Be Peace On Earth" music is on


From Beth Green,

Hi Barbara,

Dec. 21, 10 am - 1 pm. FALLBROOK, California, Stream Spiritual Service. In cooperation with the 48-Hour Songfest For Peace, The Stream is dedicating its spiritual service this year to supporting peace through sound and music. We will be toning, listening to music, making sounds and singing. We'll be meditating and praying. We will be making available The Gift of Peace music CD, which is the basis of our donation-based program. And we'll be having a good time! Bring instruments if you like. There is no charge. People may bring a lunch to eat after the service. For more information about The Stream, For details about the event, contact Beth Green, Stream Spiritual Director,


Dear Barbara,

I think the Songfest is a great idea. Will certainly participate here in Talking Rock, Georgia. Had a Drumming circle and meditation here for the Concordance, so should be able to gather people for a songfest.

Sending Love and Peace,
Chiquita Berry

From composer/guitarist/singer Carole Isis of ENGLAND,

I will be in Hawaii (Dec. 20-Jan. 5). I would like to perform with my peace songs and donate my performance to SONGFEST. If anyone has information on Hawaiian events, please let me know.

Carole Isis.

P.S. From Barbara: Carole Isis performed at James Twyman's Peace Concert at Manchester, England and I attended. She is EXCELLENT. At you can click on the sound byte for one of her songs for peace, "Only Love Prevails".

From Theresa,

Another song promoting peace on the planet is "I Choose Love" by Shawn Gallaway. To hear the entire song just go to the website It's a beautiful song.

From Laurien,

Dear Barbara -

Alright! Now this one is right in alignment with what I do!!!

What you are proposing is lovely & wonderful - and doesn't take any financial backing per se & I support that. So, yes, a Songfest interests me & I would tell others.

From Ignaz Amrein of Australia,

G'day Barbara!

I've just read your email and I'm over the moon, you made my day. To answer your questions, I haven't got a website and my song is really only half a song, because there is no music with it. I'm not a musician and don't know how to write music, but I would be very happy if somebody writes music to the words or uses some of the words to write another song. Your 48 - HOUR SONGFEST FOR PEACE is a great idea. I know a few people around here who would be in it, you're right, there is no better time than right now. I've got lots of ideas for "THE SONG" and I'm so looking forward to share it with the world. Thanks again.

In harmony and peace


From Shirley Woods:

Dear Barbara,

"Let There Be Peace on Earth......."

The following has a beautiful rendition of the song along with a very moving video. You might mention this site in your next newsletter!

Here's another site that has both the music and words:

From Shirley,

Hi Barbara,

I've been reading about the amazing power of sound and the songfest is a good idea. You're right - keep it simple. I like: one world, one people one voice talking, one heart beating, harmony and peace, love returning, but I think, as you say, it would be better to have Let there be peace on Earth etc. which people already know.

I'd like to hear a little of Katherine Cheshire's healing songs - I hope she can get them on her computer.

From Tutone Naranjo, San Francisco.

Why not everyone meeting in their respective city parks and sing and pray on that day and invite the media if they so choose. It is actually an individual decision surmounted in effort by many but importantly by choice....what if millions of individuals who have made this choice simply happen to begin praying and meditating right now for those precious dates already talked about, that they indeed happen wherever we are, and know that our hearts rise up to one another in joy and laughter and love as we know it can and will. Lots of Love and Prayers - Tutone Naranjo/San Francisco 11/13/03

From Nan.

What a wonderful idea! Yes, Barbara, you can count "The Dance of Life Healing Circle" in Wayne County, New York State among the participants.

Although I don't have the music in my computer, I would also suggest:

What a goodly thing
When all children of the Earth
Shall dwell together
In Peace.

as a perfect chant for this occasion. It is sung to the tune of an old Russian folk song, which I believe many in all of the lightworker circles may know.

Walk in Beauty,

From Mo:

Hi, Barbara - Thanks for your e-mail. I just wanted to say that it is so lovely to read about so many special people around the world thinking, working, praying, talking and singing for peace.

I had the idea a while back to set up something here in my home to radiate peace and love on a world basis permanently. So I have all my crystals set up in mandalas for each continent and a big central one for the earth which are dedicated to radiating out peace, harmony, love and goodwill to the earth, all sentient beings and the Universe. I thought this way I could feel I was doing something empowering instead of feeling powerless when I read about all the suffering and pain in the world. I also change the crystals around each week to reflect the changes that occur in the world, as everything is in the process of growing back to the Light.

Just thought you might be interested in all our little individual ventures around the world. Hope all's going well with you. Thanks for all the work you're doing bringing us peace-lovers together!

Love, blessings and hugs,

From Eric of Toronto:

Sounds like a great idea, Barbara. I'll pass it on to people I know!

From Margaret Waddell,

Hi Barbara,

This is a really great idea. For your in Columbia, Missouri my community will already be chanting for World Peace during that time.

This will be the 4th Annual 24-hour Worldwide Winter Solstice Chant for Peace, which goes from 6 pm (my time) Dec. 20 to Dec. 21st 24 hours later. Each group who wants to participate takes one hour of the 24 hours, so the chanting travels around the world. We'll be chanting the vowel sounds, plus many short, easy peace chants. Its fun to keep track of where the chanting comes from and goes to.

The event is hosted by one of the Peace/Sound chamber communities, which were built from the vision of Beautiful Painted Arrow (Joseph Rael). He is a Tewa grandfather who wrote Being in Vibration. Maybe you've read it? He had a vision of seeing the world connected by peace/sound chambers so that at any given moment, someone would be praying or chanting for peace.

The chamber hosting this event is the House of Mica Peace Chamber in New York. I think its mostly chamber communities who participate, but they let me participate because I want to and because I intend to build a chamber someday, when the time is right. I use a wonderful acoustic space at a local Unity Center. About 40 people came to chant with me last year and the number keeps growing.

Part of my work involves leading what I call Community Chanting for Peace events. I host them several times per year on earth holidays and other significant dates. I am always happy to add special chanting sessions for events you announce. I look forward to more reasons to chant for peace. I will pass your information on to my email list and we will add the Let There Be Peace song to our list for the winter solstice chant.

Over Valentine's Day I lead a chant about love, and peace, as always, so it would be a good time to connect with others who are singing around the world.

I will pass your message on to the folks at House of Mica.

Namaste, Margaret

Chant locally, listen globally.

For a beautiful meditation:

From Ingrid of Virginia,

Hello Barbara, Ingrid here ... the Avalonia Peace Gardens...We certainly will do the Song Fest and, we will sing on the 23rd when we next gather as well as the actual dates 21st and 22nd. Will be promoting it through out our "Community of the One Heart!"

It is all so very good and exciting!

From Pearl Yaffe:

Folks could gather in TORONTO at the Peace Garden in Nathan Philips Square (in front of City Hall) ON THE HOUR and sing/chant "Let There Be Peace on Earth" in unison, for as long as they wish.

Beginning at: Friday, Nov. 20th (evening) - 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 pm;
Saturday, Nov. 21st (afternoon) - 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 21st (evening) - 6:00, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 and 10:00 p.m., and
Sunday, Nov. 22nd (afternoon) - 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 and 5:00 p.m.


 From Dwayne Edward Rourke, :

Hi Barbara,

I would like to let you and others know about a Canadian grassroots peace initiative using song as the driving force. Several peace songs, with songsheets and MP3's are included on the site, along with a vision statement and related links.

May peace prevail!

 From SilverStar:

Perfect! "ONEMIND!ONEPRAYER!" This is gonna be awesome!!!!!!! ! A seed! A "Seed Song!"

From: MAKA WICAHPI WANIYETU, Universal & Spiritual Laws in Day-to-Day Living.

In this Sacred Ceremonial Calendar of the Galactic Federation, we find "The Wheel of the Year -- Cycle of Eight Sacred Ceremonies of Mother Earth" with the Iktomi Wicahpi Wicohan, the Way of the Sacred Star Spider, known as the 12:12 Symbols. The ancient observance of Winter Solstice is known as "Ceremony of REBIRTH," honoring the "potential of the seed" de-e-ep within the Earth Mother. [copyright 2003, SilverStar, Golden Eagle, Pathfinder]

Os da dv.
Mitakuye Oyasin.


From Shivon 

Hi everyone,

This is great – and I can imagine more and more of this happening as the peace choirs movement spreads.

Shivon Robinsong
The Gettin Higher Choir
1316 Point Street, Victoria, BC, CANADA, V8S 1A5
Tel: 250 386-3184

 From Diane Tesone

Awesome idea!! Once again, a great idea worth sharing. My voice will be raised in song, too!