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UPDATE: July 23, 2008.

The Global Meditations Network has again received negative energy, and so I am using the same technique I used in 2003. Today I sent the 2003 Tapestry made with the positive energy of your words to a place that will take note of the tapestry. I do not expect any response, and I do not want a response. Your positive energy speaks the truth of the matter and that is all that counts.

Many thanks to all who helped weave the tapastry in 2003.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf


March 12, 2003, note from Barbara Wolf:

A foundation has used negative energy/words to describe the Global Meditations Network, and so, in order for there to be an understanding of what the Network is and how it tries to be of benefit to Mother Earth and humanity, Network people have woven a tapestry of words to describe the Network.

Tapestry constructed Feb. 28-March 10, 2003.
Title suggested by Carole Isis of England.

Peace, Love, and Light to everyone.
Barbara Wolf



1. To Whomever:

The information posted on Global Meditations and the group intent to help heal humanity and the planet is potent and powerful! There is a grid of Light surrounding our planet made up of millions of Light Beings intent to heal. Our Lights are added to the lattice of Light already in place and fed by the Dynamic Energy of the Creative Hierarchy of Beings and Ascended Masters in and not in physical bodies. Regardless of what you label this powerful dynamic - and whether or not you choose to acknowledge it, we who participate can never doubt the reality of our actions nor the Love we feel generated by it. Neither do we wish nor send you anything other than what is already our work in progress - the raying and holding of thoughts, images and feelings of Light, Love, Peace and Healing.

We are conscious Light Beings whose agenda is to nurture, love, and heal humanity and our planet. We join together with others who hold the same intent. We welcome you to join us.

In Love, Peace & Light,

Diane Lee of Florida, U.S.A.


2. Jim, Washington, DC.

Any and all efforts to change the world to a better place are worthy. More than that, cutting edge science has now proven the direct link between human intention and physical reality (Tesla, DeBrolier, Lipton, Tiller, etc.). This knowledge is now available to all, and certainly those in leadership positions are quite familiar with the work. Our intentions can and DO change our world.

One would have to assume, then, that any efforts to counter what the Global Meditation Network is doing come from a desire to maintain the fear-based status quo.

The good news is that the network's efforts must be working, otherwise you wouldn't be the target of a negative campaign.

Keep up the good work, Barbara


3. Aurelia of Colorado:

When one forgets that Peace, Love, and Light are the tools that connect our limited human experience with the greater expanse of the Universe, we close our minds to the grand potential which lies within us all and which spurs our longing to that great Sacred Heart which puts the mind at peace forever. Oh, knowing and yet living in a world in which polarity extremes exist, the mind may temporarily want to cling to its temporal creations and deviate from the heart, but the Heart is supreme and the pull of the Beloved will triumph.

When one knows the Love of the Eternal, then it is only natural to want to extend and share that knowingness with others and the world. I am grateful for the hope, encouragement and uncomprised devotion of the Global Meditation Network to inspire and inform seekers of Global Unity and Peace to continue their inner vigilance for the Light. May Peace Prevail on Earth!


4. Tina of Los Angeles:

Dear Barbara,

The purpose of this email is to express my appreciation for your organization. Global Mediation Network is positive, insightful and as always, your emails generate goodwill in my spirit. Thank you very much for your enlightenment and wisdom.


5. Angie of North Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi Barbara,

This is a response to your e-mail about the said foundation and their negative opinion of the Global Meditations Network. To them, I would like to say the following :

People who do their part to affirm love, light and life will inevitably become the keepers of the Earth. The Global Meditations Network is made up of people from all walks of life, in all stages of growth, and most likely from all religions and philosophies. When you insult any of us, you are ultimately just insulting yourself / yourselves because a global community includes everyone, whether they know it or not. Anyone who has ever tried to make a contribution to positive change and evolution has been ridiculed, slandered, jailed, tortured, killed, maimed, etc, whether in a physical way, emotional / mental way or by trying to break their spirit. You do not realize that what you have effectively done is tell us that we are making a difference and that we are having an affect on the consciousness of everyone who cares to take some responsibility to do some good in the this world. We are not only doing this for ourselves, but for the benefit of all living beings on Earth. This benefit does not exclude you at the foundation. It is unfortunate that you have allowed your ignorance to take you to defile any organization. You have no right to criticize anyone for the work they are doing to help people all over world to feel empowered to do something positive.

If honoring the Earth is loony and new age, then how do explain the ancient ways in which the Kahuna navigated by "reading" the stars, the Mayan and Incan cultures farmed by the changes in the Sun and the moon and the Aborigines and Shamans derived all their medicines from the Earth? You may say that these cultures are now extinct because you would be thinking from ignorance. The ways of these cultures are very much alive, they are just not made known to people who cannot understand their ways. All the highest teachings are available to anyone who seeks them, may I suggest that you take a few moments out of your day and reflect on the nature of your minds because it is obvious that you do not understand the meaning of peace and cooperation or the work that it would take to dedicate yourself to bring about the peace necessary for everyone to feel secure, loved and productive.

Finally, I would like to leave you with these teachings from Lama Atisha. I am not Buddhist but I do have an affinity for their teachings and this is just one of many which, hopefully, will help you understand why it was so wrong of you to send the e-mail that you did.

"The highest skill is in the realization of egolessness.
The highest nobility is in the subduing of your own mind.
The highest excellence is in having a mind which seeks to help others.
The highest precept is continual mindfulness.
The highest remedy is in understanding the naturelessness of eveything.
The highest activity is not to comform with worldly concerns.
The highest accomplishment is the lessening and transmutation of the passions.
The highest giving is found in non-attachment.
The highest moral practice is a peaceful mind.
The highest patience is humility.
The highest effort is to abandon attachment to activities.
The highest meditation is the mind without pretension.
The highest wisdom is not to grasp at anything as it appears. "

In my humble opinion, the Global Meditations Network tries to achieve these highest goals and they do it tirelessly and without fail so people can always count on them to know what to do for the world and for the good of all livings beings. If you feel the need to label and call names, you have defeated yourselves and shown yourselves to be less than what you want to be. We all have work to do here on Earth and there is room for everyone to do what needs to be done with the goal that the Earth and caring for Her well-being must come first. Understanding that there is room for everyone and everything to exist peacefully and in cooperation with each other, nobody lacks anything, and nobody can feel threatened because there won't be people who go without. Is this not a better way to live than what is happening now with the constant turmoil, paranoia, the self-preservation and self-interest? I urge you to take a look at why you have taken such a stance against the Network because the war is happening inside of us, not outside.


6. It is ever so, change comes reluctantly and meets resistence from the recalcitrant. Unfortunately it seems that change might be forced on us unless we embrace a new way of living. Finding our way back into harmony without our egos as the head but our wide open hearts seems the next step for humans. How much suffering will be needed to bring this change is our choice,

Good luck and love, David.


7. Dear Barbara,

...the lightworkers/organizations such as yours (ours) is having a pro-found effect! It is normal for the strikeout----repeatedly!

Sincerely, dloyden


8. Fred Alan Wolf

Hi Barbara,

The Global Meditation Network helps people realize that they are not alone in their desire for spiritual understanding and peace. I feel sorry for those who attack it, however it will only be a hot wind that will disappear.

Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D.
National Book Winning author of Taking the Quantum Leap, The Spiritual Universe, and many other books.
San Francisco, CA USA


9. yvonne- CANADA

i am honored to be part of a circle that is breaking through the old densities to get at a space we all should be in.

anyone who's efforts are focused on unifying and uplifting the masses should be applauded not made a mockery or labelled.

history has always demonstrated these efforts cannot be thwarted in the end, despite efforts to block them, ridicule, and discredit the frontrunners - this time the majority will see the truth and hold it in their hearts.

thank you for leading us home, barbara


10. "In my defenselessness my safety lies."



11. It is amazing that anyone could say anything negative about what you do! You have been a major source for world healing, and are so loved by so many!!! May whoever disparaged you come to their senses right away! And keep up the good work! We all need you!!!

Lotsa love,


12. Sheila, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dear Barbara,

Your work is shedding light all over the world and nothing will stop that! Only those who never received love and understanding are unable to understand the world-wide cry for Peace. All we need is love is being said for ages! Lack of flexibility and understanding of human nature (which is mainly spiritual) and its beautiful and positive creations often come from those who never had loving and affection. Let's pray for their awakening, let's pray for them to be loved at least once in their lives! And above all let's keep on with our efforts for Peace!


13. Dear Barbara,

I send a heart full of love to everyone.

Sincerely, Marcia of Massachusetts


14. Carol of Florida

Let there be peace in the world. Let it begin with me.
Let there be love in the foundation. Let it begin with you.
Let there be light in the media. Let it begin with our words.


15. Dear Barbara,

I am delighted to submit my words, words that I LIVE BY EACH DAY, not just recite for self delusion. They are "I am light, I am peace, I am love". It does make a difference to the people around me, whoever they are.

Thanks for the opportunity to help.

With love,
Marilyn, Toronto, Canada.


16. Jon Freeman of UK.

Dear Barbara,

I am not a new-ager, so I guess I can't be "loony". I listen to the news from Global Meditations because I am a thinking, self-determining individual, and not part of a group. I am not a neurotic, so I suppose my desire for peace must be rational.

I have no religious affiliation, but deep spiritual conviction. I understand peace to be a desire of all religions of note, not least the religion held by the Founding Fathers of America. I am not an American, but I hold this truth to be self-evident : that all men are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I also know that true peace in the world depends upon these values being manifest, and that our ends always embody the means by which they are achieved. You cannot achieve a just end by unjust means.

In God we Trust. E Pluribus Unum.


17. Eric of Toronto, Canada.

Ours is a different strategy; a different way to find peace, based on a different conception of how life works. It's one based on ancient religious and spiritual traditions, and new scientific world views.

One of the key principles of both is that change must begin at the center of who we are. It must bring us to peace, before it can be given or extended to others.

So far the old methods haven't worked, and they have been tried for millenia.

It's time to try another way.


Keep the faith, BJ. It's a place inside us all that needs acceptance, and healing.

As always, thanks for your work.



18. May Peace Prevail on Earth - Yishre Shalom Al Ha'adama - Al Salam

Lil'Alam Ajma - Sekai Jinruiga Heiwade Arimasuyouni

Oh dear Ė nothing should ever stop your brilliant work! It is only a false trial of the dark forces to challenge you as they struggle as they know soon they will be defeated by the light! It is part of the great illusion we try so hard to heal and your part endorse huge impact on the world. Never give up and let nothing to stop you.

Infinite love and gratitude for all that you and all that you really are

Ė in ONENESS - Hagit of Israel


19. Global Meditations as guided and managed by bjwolf is a source of The Violet Fire That Never Fails to Produce Purity and Perfection and I AM one with that Violet Fire. This may well seem to be New Age, and this is true, but it is New Age in the very best sense of the word as it reflects the desire for a heartfelt Love to underlie all of our efforts to bring our World into its highest and best order of development. One would do better to applaud such efforts and do likewise, than to expend energy destructively. However, we each have free choice and can reap the consequences we call for. May your heart advise you to share in the Light and bring forth that which raises and unifies by your own heartfelt efforts. I bid you Peace.

BM in Basel, Switzerland.


20. Dear Barbara, I feel your work and the work of the people from the network is totally honourable, just and truly grounded. If it had not been for your networking news updates myself, work associates and friends would have missed many opportunities to practically support the choice for a peaceful, harmonious world. This is not a loony new age phenomenon as we have all seen through the world wide peace demonstrations.

My name is Denny Ellis and i live in Queensland, Australia.

Please send this message with love and peace.


21. My Dearst Barbara,

You need not worry yourself with this.

"We are the lights of the world, the function of the light is forgiveness."

A Course in Miracles,

To see a miracle you must be in the light.
We create miracles through the power of prayer or meditation.
Our meditations are expressions of our longing for peace,love, and light.
What you give so shall you reap.
Our intent is to bring joy, beauty, and harmony to the world, to our beloved Gaia, in our daily meditations we pray for peace, love, and light.
Meditation is also our time to connect with God and ask for guidance and in turn God fills us with his loving energy so that miracle may move thru us.


Aloha Nui Loa,

Terri of Kona, Hawaii.


22. Barbara, I have known you for quite a while and your global meditations network has not only provided a service I can't keep up with myself, but it has stood the test of time proving it is neither a fad, or a fly by night operation.

Don of U.S.A.


23. Dear Global Mediations Network,

Thank you for being a bright light of hope in these confusing time. I find the information you send to me to be, sound, forthright, genuine and on target. I appreciate the being able to receive your email and knowing I am part of this larger network working for a better world.

Thank you for your help.

Gwen of New Mexico


"Never doubt that a group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead


24. To the large foundation, expressing an interest in further understanding the power of peace.

We welcome your inquiry. It is normal when we do not understand something to make contact. The nature of your contact, indeed, shows that you, like all of us, require direct experience. This is normal. We are happy to comply, knowing full well that once this task has been accomplished, you will no longer deny this vital part of yourself. We clearly understand from the emotion of your comments, yours is indeed, a very deep desire. Many individuals worry that opening themselves to any belief could prove them a fool. This is normal. Once we find our full powers of discernment on one issue, we move to the next!

As individuals, we are all very small indeed. But even so, I have found that any request, if made with an honest heart is answered. I understand you truly want an experience of the powers of the positive. This normal request is made by all who seek. As this is all new to you, I am happy to follow through on your behalf... as I see this is the real reason you have taken time from your busy day to write. Once experienced, there may be more questions, and perhaps still a little denial. But, when we continue in this experience, (which I am happy to continue to make in your name for the next few weeks) we no longer are able to worry about perception... as truth steps in, and truth is very compelling.

We are happy to involve you in something you are making such great effort to know.

Breana, Vancouver, Canada

God Bless you Barbara

Thank you for involving us!

Love, peace and light to you, our Angel of Peace!



25. When I hear such remarks aimed at this positive endeavor - I can't help to think of pictures I saw when I was a kid on the farm. There were intercity kids playing in the water of a fire hydrant on a hot summer day. Probably Life Magazine.

You could tell from the facial expressions of the joy from those children. They were having a grand ole time. Bringing no harm and causing no pain. And if you looked closer at the picture - in the distance was a city Cop. With his arms folded, looking the other way, while in his face was a very well dressed man pointing at the children/water and the facial picture was of anger. It seemed to me the Cop understood the value of Joy while the well dressed man could only see the water loss. or the mess or what ever negative charge he was trying to put there. But the Joy of the children won out for awhile. They had their splash to carry them thru the rest of the week.

We are causing no negative charge. We are reveling in the water of Joy. Loving the feeling of being with like-minded people with positive expectations. We are coming together in the time honored tradition of prayer and fellowship. Using Love and Light to heal our worried world. There is no spear, no tear in the body of our belief, no outpouring of life giving properties. The people who are causing the concerns probably just can't stand to get their feet wet.

Doreen of Washington State, USA


26. Barbara:

As a spiritual entity myself, I feel the information you send and your website is beneficial to the world, universe, the planet and all planets and my asension.

I know your information is helpful and I appreciate all words of Peace, Love and Light you send.

Thank you.


27. If love is loony, let me be as loony as they come! "Irresponsible" means without ability to respond, yet we respond with love and joy when faced with danger, threats, and war. I would say that is response-abliity in its highest form. From a quantum physics point of view, thought has been proven to affect matter. From a religious point of view, prayer and meditation are believed to make a positive difference. For those who accept neither science nor religion, I would simply say, wait and see. Most changes in society begin with small groups who deviate from the norm. Eventually the deviation becomes the norm. It is simply a matter of time. It is only fear that prompts people to lash out against what they do not understand. The answer to fear is love.

Bernadette of California


28. Dear Barbara

Thank you for all your info & all that you do.

I agree that a spear has been thrown but whether or not it pierces anything or anyone is of course , a choice. They can throw all the spears they like. If we return love vibrations , the spears will return to the sender--a very ancient law of the universe--The law of reciprocal action or "watch out for what you unleash as it will return"

Keep up the good work

In Love and light



29. For a long time people who were stupid enough to believe the Earth was a round planet orbiting around the sun were dutifully looked at as loony and sometimes even burned alive.

For a long time people who were stupid enough to believe that there were things we could not see or hear which could actually exist like infra-red, infra-sound, micro-wave or energy were ridiculed.

For a long time people who were stupid enough to believe that the Berlin Wall could fall without a global war or that the USSR would ever leave an authoritarian communism behind where laughed at for being so daft.

For a long time western people who were stupid enough to believe in acupuncture or energy healing or anything that was not surgery and chemicals were patronized for being so gullible and responding so well to hypnotic suggestion.

For a long time people who were stupid enough to believe that the movies with sound would ever be more than a most temporary interest that will wane were sniggered at, as the 'real arts' could never be replaced.

For a long time people who were stupid enough that a kind word or a laugh or a positive attitude could help someone heal better or faster were cackled at as the mysteries of the mind, heart and soul did not seem to relate to the physical body.

For a long time people who were inventing electricty or the telephone or computers or anything new (the wheel?) were teased for wasting so much time on stupid activities which had no real commercial interest.

For a long time now people are laughing at things they do not understand, at new technology using words that seem to not even begin to describe the science they are uncovering. If people were 'scientific' they would look at the fact, including quantum physics, and they would see that we are all linked to each other, that what each one of us thinks, affects everything else. They might even dare to become 'open minded' and experiment things before condemning them upon the single ground that it challenges a belief structure upon which they founded their life.

I am not a believer. I experiment. I think, reflect and draw conclusions. The conclusions are there even if the vocabulary sounds 'strange' to them. I do not blame them for not understanding or for feeling shattered at the mere idea that this could be true because the implications are enormous. I do not ridicule them for not keeping up with the latest scientific findings or the latest experiments. I do not patronize them or tell them they are stupid. I respect them for who they are and for what they do, even if their best might fall a tiny bit shorter than I had hoped for. And I dare to ask respect for those who do know what they are doing and despite the ridicule, the laughs, the putting downs keep on doing it so that everyone can benefit from it, even those that are trying to stop them.

I simply say to you, who laugh at 'us', dare. Dare to learn the ins and outs. Dare to experiment. Dare to experience. Dare to change. Dare to challenge the boundaries inside which you want life to fit. Dare to explore 'What if?' And when you know as much as I do, then come back to me and let's discuss it again. Because even when you laughed at us long ago, it never bothered the planet to peacefully orbit around her favorite star, for bats and dolphins to use their radar-sense and bees their ultra-violet sight, for love to trigger miracles and for discoveries to make their way into our everyday life. You cannot stop Life from being what it is. You can only ignore it, ridicule it or stay in denial of it. When you reach that stage, it is no longer innocence but arrogance to think that you know better. At least I am sure I don't and that is why I keep questioning and experimenting.

There is a science and laws behind energy and global meditations. Though the proof and theory already exist, it is so spread out that it might appear to the newcomer scattered and hermetic. Just remember that long before the first man could write or the first human could ever stand up, the planet Earth was already dancing around the sun as she will be long after the last human being scoffs at what he or she does not want to challenge out of fear that the Universe might be much wider, wiser and loving that it had dared to conceive it.

No one is asking you to join us in what you do not understand. Just let us go on with the work we do understand and fufill with dedication and integrity so that people such as you can live long enough to learn better.



30. My dear Barbara,

It is quite obvious that your efforts at global networking are having a very positive effect - or else you would not be "attacked" by this "large foundation".

My advice is to receive it as an affirmation of the power and value of your work on behalf of humanity and Mother Earth.

Carry on the good work, fearlessly and in joy.

Antares of Malaysia.


31. Dear Barbara,

The Global Meditations Network has a Light Grid around it so powerful that the puny so-called- spear only can penetrate and damage it's Light if one thinks it can. This organization's vibrational rate surely is powerful enough in the Love/Light that there is naught that can enter but Love and Greater Light. Keep the vibration high and negative thoughts will bounce off. Love thy enemies. There is no wound.

Yvonne of Kentucky, U.S.A.


32. Oh Barbara.

Some group is becoming aware of the power of love and is trying to either minimize or destroy our focus. They are operating from fear. We will prevail. Following is something from myself for your reply to them.

"Love and light will have the last word on Planet Earth because the time has come for this to be so. The Divine Plan is set in motion and will never be thwarted because only love prevails. Yes, Love and light are our business at this time. Why not join with us and make it yours?"

Mary of Australia


33. Dearest Barbara -

I read your email this morning with 'shock' - that anyone could even remotely conceive of reasons to attack Global Meditations Network! I have started several emails to respond to you today - in support of GMN & kept getting "interrupted" with global meetings of my own. I was just sitting down again, in the more quiet moments of my day - to compose something to you when I rec'd the following message...from another "loony new age" source - committed to & working for "peace" on this planet! But, before you read that - here is my message to you & to all those who would 'attack' the incredible work you do & the integrity of the "network" of lightworkers involved around the world.

To the unfortunate, misinformed, lost 'souls' who sent that message to you in re: to Global Meditations Network - I say this: What would you have us do instead of holding, praying, working for Peace, for committing ourselves to do everything we can to envision & create a world that works for everyone - always! To send healing energy in the form of Loving Thoughts, Prayers, Intentions, Actions of Kindness, Compassion to all humanity? What are your alternatives? And, one more question I have - do you have children? If so, do you teach them to say prayers at night? Do you teach them the "Golden Rule"? Do you know that every culture on the planet has a version of the "Golden Rule" in their tradition?

Are these the traits of 'psycho-neurotics' ? Then - so are/were Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Gandhi, Krishna, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama & more!!!

God be with you & touch your heart & fill you with love, compassion, understanding, tolerance & respect for all life on this planet - because it is Home for us All! & We Cherish It & seek to preserve it - for all sentient beings!

My love to you Barbara & my forever gratitude for your work. You may use my name, my address, whatever you need/want to do!

In Love, Peace & Blessings -

Laurien Towers

GlobaLink TotalVision Corp
Los Angeles, California.


34. Anyone seriously interested in creating peace in this world, starts within him/herself.



35. Dear Barbara

A spear has been thrown; it has pierced the body, and it must be removed.

When someone is in the Light and limelight it can be expected to be attacked . It will hurt ONLY when and IF you/we allow it and pay attention to it. Just regard for what it is = a venum = Each reaction causes new action, LIGHT cannot be distinguished. Do not let it affect you. They are just waiting for your reaction, let it go. No comments and IGNORING causes confusion and it will die of its own record. ANY reaction will give them satisfaction and opening for more abuses. YOU WILL NOT TEACH THEM OR CONVINCE THEM just give them opportunity for more comments.

Light love laughter,
Kamilla of Poland and UK


36. It would seem that some are more concerned with "pillage and plunder of the planet" as well as the "if I can not see it and take it apart it does not exist" thoughts. I for one am glad that we have a forum where those who know that "thoughts are energy" and we can make a positive difference with the help of the "Many".

Love and Light,
Bruce of Canada


37. Marty, U.S.A.:

Yes, Barbara, This is a new age in which we are establishing peace on Earth. The time has come for the dinosaur of war and power politics to give way to the loving family of man to live in the light of life, the love of all creation freely given to be shared by all.

We are thankful for the Global Meditations network that brings us together in active unity and in gratitude for the unspeakable blessings of life on our wonderful world. We will be working together in all eternity.



38. I am so very grateful for the untiring way you raise my awareness of peace-supportive events, and organize specific efforts towards the healing of all. Thank you!!


elizabeth from Norfolk, Virginia, USA============

39. In a message dated 2/28/03 9:51:38 AM, writes:

<< An email has come from a large foundation expressing its opinion that the Global Meditations Network is an irresponsible, loony new age group associated with psycho-peace
neurotics .>>

Dear Barbara,

Your work is so pracftical, so continually grounded. In my opinion the real "la la land" is in those who have failed to grasp the importance of love, psychologically, if not spiritually. What you speak is continually about love and that is not in the least far out. It is always the love that is the basis of all that you do.

St. Louis, Missouri.


40. Mutual support

Beth Green


41. It appears that "Foundation" is a misnomer here.

You have worked tirelessly and selflessly to unite us all in an ecumenical effort towards world peace.

Susan, U.S.A.


42. Saludos Barbara,

Cuando se camina en el camino espiritual existen muchas cosas que lo enriquecen, el amor, la armonia, la luz, etc. asi como el desprecio, el enojo, la obscuridad y muchos otras sensaciones mas que solo con trabajo espiritual, como el que tu desarrollas, nos ayuda a todos nosotros a encontrar el equilibrio.

Tu labor es invaluable, dejame decirte que somos muchos, como tu servidor, que recibimos mes con mes los beneficios de tu trabajo, nutriendonos constantemente de la luz. Existen muchos grupos que necesitan una vos para expresarse encontrandola en tu trabajo.

Existen tambien muchos trabajos que necesitan ser sincronizados alrededor del mundo y tu labor es pieza clave para ello. Solo te quiero extender mi mas sincera gratitud por todo lo que he recibido e invitarte a seguir adelante en tan grande e invaluable labor.

Cerrar los oidos externos es abrir los oidos internos escuchando con el corazon.

Siempre unidos como una sola familia.

Juan F.,


43. Barbara,

I don't know who originally wrote the following -- but I love it -- and I feel it explains better than I could, what we believe...

What I attract into my life is whatever I think about the most, believe in most strongly, expect on the deepest levels, and imagine most vividly. I am the constant creator of my life.

Every Moment of my life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful.
If I just put forth a clear enough request, everything my heart desires must come to me.
What is my clear request?

Energy = vibrates at different rates of speeds, from finer to denser.
Energy = is magnetic, attracting a similar quality and vibration of energy.
My thoughts and feelings have their own magnetic energy which attract energy of a similar nature.
My thought manifests instantaneously!!
First I create in thought form - an idea, inspiration, a blueprint...
Then it manifests into physical form.

God Bless us, every one...
Colorado Rocky Mountains,


44. Shirley from Canada here.

PEACE, LOVE, LIGHT are what Jesus taught us to practice. These are not loony "New Age" ideas, but ancient and TRUE. Remove the spear with COMPASSION for all. Seems like the foundation that complained to you is still in the dark ages.


45. There are always critics! You only bother people to complain when you make a point that strikes a nerve.

Diane of Michigan


46. I find the information "globalmeditations" sends out to be very informative and allows me to choose how I can make a difference creating a peaceful world for myself and mankind. It seems those who do not have love/peace in their hearts are blinded by ignorance and attack in any way they can because they hurt so deeply---they can't find peace--why should anyone else? These folks need our prayers, our love unconditionally.

Your network is good, to me, Barbara, and I'm sure others find it is refreshing and full of love/peace for our souls.

I am thankful for your site,

Skye Dianne Holmgren


47. Meditation has been around for thousands and thousands of years, quieting the raging mind of humanity. Global Meditations has taken the sound principle of a quiet mind and expanded it into a world-wide way of people who believe in the power of silence and love to make their contribution to the peace of the world.

Liah - Houston, Texas, USA


48. As my 17 year old son said as I read your message outloud to he and my partner, "That organization can say what it wants, we KNOW the truth about Global Meditations!"

We have been extremely blessed with the finding of this site and the links it guides us to - Archangel Michael for one, plus the worldwide connection of Love Peace Light.

PLEASE, no hemorrhage, a minor pierce that is already healing!!

ALL WAYS Peace Love Light,

L J & S
Tucson, Arizona, USA


49. BJ-

in a world of insanity, your work balances, clears and stabilizes. You remind us all that there is a large group of people who focus on peace, and the creation of a kinder world. The "spear" of cruelty from one cannot outweight the joy and love of the many. I am certain that I join a multitude of people in wishing you well, and who encourage you on your journey of networking for light.

]From T.


50. From Michael of Germany.

Dear Barbara, since 1997 or 1998 i get your service for free so i want to thank you that you with your work are a part of the new superior global neuronal system &. brain called internet, an important part of it what give us all the possibility of unity, unity in love unity in help understanding and support to change what can be changed in this world of control power and manipulation, so i want to honour you and your crew and say thank you for what you do and have done!

Donít give up, one judging organisation or large foundation is nothing, we as group got support information and inspiration and love from you, and we all together will send our love and support to you.




51. Barbara,

Without prayer for Peace, Love and Light.......our planet would be in chaos. Those of us who care about the beings on this planet, the environment and all that are in it......including human beings, this world would not be a nice place to live. Without it, we will be in war with every country that wishes us harm. I pray that humanity understands that our energies are only for positive use. We do not go and protest, but instead use prayer and love to achieve our means.

Love 'n Light,
Florida, USA


52. Dearest Barbara - Please use this email in any way-shape or form you find to do the best to heal the wounds. I value the work that you do, and the person that you are. Apparently those that are threated are finding your work to be effective--congratulations!

Stephaney of New York City


53. To the foundation:

When you call Global Meditations Network irresponsible are you telling yourself that "meditation" will not receive the respect you'd like it to have and are you feeling worried because you want to be sure the peace movement grows? Or...when you read the GMN e-mails are you uneasy and would like what we say to be backed up by evidence?

Eliane of New Jersey, USA.


54. To the foundation:

Try in thine own experience, each; that ye speak not for one whole day unkindly of any; that ye say not a harsh word to any, about any; and see what [such] a day would bring to you . . . Edgar Cayce Reading 262-106

Peace Love and Light

Las Cruces, New Mexico


55. From Frank Tycer

To Barbara and the Global Mediation Network (GMN)


I am a professional in the tech biz, a 'normal' tax paying citizen, and look forward to the GMN newsletter and the hope it brings for the future of my community, my family, and mankind in general.... a breath of fresh air compared to most of the 'news' in American media....seems if you want to hear anything that's objective and/or not fear based negative viewpoints, you have to listen to news broadcast from other countries, or look to resources like GMN.....

I continually thank Barbara and the GMN for the wonderful and important, if not crucial work and content that GMN provides by networking philanthropic people together to promote peace and create a better world for all of us ~

I frequently send my friends and family links of like minded friendly interesting things happening worldwide via the GMN.....

~ I must say, I am not into over the top mushy new agey stuff, it sometimes becomes to much for the 'regular folk' and possibly counter productive, and I think it may turn off some otherwise like minded people...... that's why I so highly value GMN and the 'sane' approach therein....

* In regards to any entity who has anything against any other entity promoting peace and telling people about positive events around the world, my response is simply "what's wrong with them ?~ that's just plain unhealthy...."

Sadly enough, what it probably comes down to, is that somehow peace, happiness, or the good will of our communities, somehow threatens the money such entity will make.......

Although even in oppressive entities such as that - there are individuals, looking to better themselves, (misguided or not) and somewhere within these individuals there is a conscience that can be adjusted from selfish goals that ultimately will work against them, to philanthropic understanding that will bring much more reward straight back to the source.......

even physics itself dictates 'what goes around comes around' - so wake up!

My peer group is not 'new agey' or 'loony' but we enjoy the prospect of peace and mankind improving itself.......and I think we all would agree such is the same with most people across the world ~ and this newsletter helps to promote just that - flat out, it says, look at all these cool things happening world wide - ..... a philanthropic portal to the world - (something most media like CNN greatly lacks) - furthermore GMN is not some opinionated propaganda, its a portal to what's happening in the world, and with a most responsible 'positive filter' ........ in GMN you will find some enlightened editorial, but for the most part the newsletter is not GMN's opinion, the bulk of the content its just a collection of friendly and interesting links!

*Something I really enjoy about this newsletter is the interesting view on many diverse cultures worldwide - very educational and with such a positive and colorful flavor......

~geuss what would happen if every time we all turned on the tv or went to the movies and saw content like GMN provides !?

Guaranteed our children would emulate just that - peace poles not columbine ~ (it would make being positive 'cool' again) ~

Sad distressed adults would see that maybe there is hope, that there are people out there who care, that maybe its not as bad as other forms of media would make you think.....

What's wrong with a good impression ?

If the major networks would be as responsible as GMN, the media that we all are bombarded with, wouldn't be filling our minds with crime, injustice, and murder scenarios - but with the fact that there are positive and interesting people out there, incredible diverse cultures, philanthropic and healthy, good peoples and places that generate something other than negativity......

Hmmmm, now who really is loony and irresponsible ???

This is supposed to be a society built on honor and freedom and the pursuit of happiness- People are not stupid and they will not stand for it anymore.....we all (like it or not) are growing and the winds of change are blowing.....the old selfish ways will be adjusted~

Come on ! .....wake up to what is happening in the world- the old ways aren't working~ there are ways to build a better world for ourselves and our children other than selfish oppression.......

GMN irresponsible ? I truly believe that most EVERYONE would agree that GMN is quite the contrary-GMN is performing a very timely, responsible and professional service - straight forward, to the point, objective, easy to navigate, and yes~highly positive......

Kudos to Barbara and the GMN ~



56. Hi Barbara!

Please hang in, this is the last dark before bright dawn. You are doing wonderful work.

Light, luck & love,


57. Dear Barbara,

I appreciate the image that as the spear is pulled from the body out pours Love, Peace and Light. This image will sustain me forever, no matter what spears I encounter nor how I grow from their presence. I trust your messages of Peace, Love and Light, send them to all my Loved Ones and send my Love and Blessings to you.

Katherine, U.S.A.


58. "We can be at ease with the uncertainty of the world when we realize the certainty of consciousness". Often people do just the opposite when their stability is being challenged. During times when ambiguity, chaos and confusion are running rampant people want to feel safe, but don't; people want to feel secure, but don't. Consequently, those fears manifest in numerous ways: anger, hatred, lashing out at others. This will not make life any safer or stabile, instead it emphasizes disunity and adds to the intolerance that is so prevalent today.

There is a growing need to connect, feel secure and peaceful during this period while things seem topsy-turvy. While we stand at the brink of war apprehension and trepidation is increasing, many feel lost, confused and without inner peace. People want and need stability to feel confident, the world needs to make sense.

Henceforth, this lead to a global movement where hundreds of thousands have joined in an effort to regain their sense of peace and find their inner strength inorder to maintain balance during these turbulent times.

Consequently, those whom felt disconnected, don't any longer. Saying that, considering the peace movement has helped thousands upon thousands, during these times of turmoil, speaks for itself.

Raging winds become impotent when one maintains their inner-peace and balance.

There are just as many paths as there are people. And if we allow ourselves to become intolerant of how others choose to find their centre and express their beliefs then we all lose. We can overcome distrust and disunity by accepting others choices. We do not have to agree with one another, but we can agree to disagree. Thus all win ... It is a win-win situation.

This only way to bring peace to the outer world is once peace has been established within ...The outer world reflects our inner world.

You are so welcome to join us, please do.

With Blessings of Joy, Laughter, Happiness, Abundance, and Love

Dallas, Texas, USA


59. Is America about liberty and free speech or censorship and prejudice? EVery condemnation which comes from an American organisation of anyone,or any group., but particularly fellow US organisations is an ambassador to the rest of the world about how the American way is/ Itmust be pointed out that at the moment, in the eyes of the rest of the world, America is on trial. Condemntaion or intolerance of the diverse expressions of the citizens of its own supposed free country, is not a good advertisement. God help us.



60. Our Prayers and Meditations IN PEACE - ALLOW PEACE.

What could be wrong with that? I do not know who this foundation is - but I bless them in Peace.



61. Hi, Barbara. I am puzzling over the blanket name "psycho-peace neurotics", and wondering if by such a mindset that then makes the current occupants of the White House "psycho-war neurotics". What interesting and perilous times we live in.

Waynesboro, Pennsylvania


62. Dearly Beloved Beings,

With loving allowance for all things to be, created by God within his Body,nI send you golden light which you may use, if you wish, to dissolve your fears of all that is different.

Lovingly, Caryl
Arkansas, U.S.A.


63. Hi Barbara !

None should underestimate the positive power of LOVE, LIGHT and PEACE ! Focused by many people at specific times positive thoughts and visualisations will definetely change our world ! There will be nothing that can stop us from healing, loving and peacemaking !

In Love,
Uwe from Germany


64. To Whom it may concern,

Global Meditations represents a serious minded group of people willing to work towards an ideal of a saner, a safer world. People who believe that in order to reach that goal we must begin on an individual basis to take steps in that direction. Who believe that prayer/meditation is a powerful tool in that work.

If one carpenter, two thousand years ago, could begin what has become the "Christian" religion today using prayer and meditation among his practices, then I for one would not laughingly dismiss a world wide movement that chooses prayer/meditation to transpose innerpeace to world peace.

Every little bit helps and the Lord helps those that help themseves.

Sincerely and with Blessings,

The Netherlands


65. thank you for your ever thoughtful and peaceful messages. i love how it turns what could be considered nasty into a positive event. blessings to you.

sunshine, usa


66. I have used the Global Meditations email list for several years. It provides timely information that I use. It is a focus for peace and common understanding among humanity. Sometimes, it even informs me about local events that I was unaware of. It is simply a specialty information clearinghouse like so many others on the web - conceptually, no different than a list for users of a particular computer or piece of software, but perhaps quite a bit more valuable.

Rita Jean


67. Dearest Barbara

.... please do not take these words to heart and do not turn them into a SPEAR. YOU KNOW that the Network is not this, so please do not allow such "innuendo" to pierce the truth of what the Global Meditations Network really stands for .... YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR !!!! ..... do NOT empower the falsities that are coming from this "large foundation" ...

my prayers are with you,


p.s. there is no spear, so there will be NO HEMORRHAGE!


68. Dear Barbara,

To me the insulting e-mail seems more like a bad egg thrown by someone who feels threatened, or left out. We humans are groupies and tend to feel that our own group is the best, most intelligent, sane, successful or whatever and so other groups must be 'wrong', stupid, or somehow unacceptable.

Personally I am happy to participate in the global meditations network because of the positive energies generated and spread around. Many scientists, as well as we "neurotics", know that mind has powerful effect on events and results. Even in the most rigidly organised laboratory the technician's mind state can influence not only the rats or bacteria but also the most sophisticated equipment. In that case the positive and wholesome mind/heart states of those involved in e-mailing or meditating or singing messages of goodwill definitely propagate those wholesome and positive energies wherever they reach. This may indeed stimulate some resistance and that simply shows that they arrived somewhere that was not open to receive. That is just a fact of life and need not be seen as a problem.

Thank you for your networking ... I hope that you are inundated with happy and supportive e-mails.

Arohanui ... Rona ...Aotearoa


69. Dear Barbara;

We are blessed to have this forum thru which you generate so much love. Your calendar showd us that thru out the world the glowing emergence of love is overcoming all else. As where there is even the littlest light there can be no darkness. Although dim in places the loving energies always continue to grow and therefore help everyone see better. Enlightenment is so wonderful, with someone, with which to share it becomes compounded into a contagious thing which serves us all with all we need. As I embark on the Grandmother Peace and Freedom Walk it will comfort me to know you and your network are out there with the loving support of Prayer and Meditations I know will empower me.

Rev. Marilee of Missouri


70. Peace is catching on. When it becomes a common goal for enough people on this planet, nothing will stop it from manifesting. Every day is an opportunity to spread love, light and peace to all we come in contact with. Grant me the guidance to raise the frequency vibration of everyone I meet.

in love and light,
Eric from California


71. Dear Barbara,

Your work and your heart are open and loving. I give thanks that you serve all of the planet in the face of those whose consciousness is different and less understanding of The Light. All is well despite all appearances.

God bless you,
Joan .... friend in The West!


72. Dear Barbara,

Barbara Wolf with her web site,, is a universal ambassador of a country called the United States which calls itself America. She is a world citizen. She embodies qualities we love in your people: generosity, idealism and dedication to action. She really cares for all countries in the world. She is a voice of peace important to me, above all at this time when the news display hard propaganda and lies from your administration. Barbara is not the only one, she represents many people who act too or are unable to walk their talk. I love your country and its generosity because of so much strong individualities who helped the human consciousness to change.

I consider this attack to be a proof of the validity of her action and of the trouble it generates in some fear-driven people. After all this noise, peace will be back and then every thing will be clear to all.

Paris, France


73. I am outraged at the narrow-minded thinking by some people, all we want...desire...ask for is peace, love, light...why is that a difficult concept to understand....One person reaching out can make the difference to hundreds if we let it. Everything that is good...that is aimed at trying to make a difference is a positive thing. So bjwolf keep up the good work, and I send much love, peace, light and positive thinking your way and may we stay connected and strong throughout this trying period....

Love, Karla


74. lll : light love life = peace

bernard of france

please keep up this good Work !


75. Dear Barbara,

however fierce the spears that have been thrown, they will never be able to reach to our hearts, because the words accompaning the spear are mere lies. They do not refer to us, they are just put there to try to make us feel ridiculous. This is because the ones that work for another boss than peace have no real arguments to stop us from doing what we are doing.

Please, remember, wounds and hemorrages make you realise how strong the self-healing force of our new-age-psycho-peace-neurotic body is. Because this nappn body is more healthy and more realistic than many other bodies.We all know there are forces that do not want peace to prevail and The Light to shine freely. Those forces have workers too.

But they ccan only exist because they have forgotten where they come from. One day they will remember their (ánd our) true source and destination. Spears can hurt, spears can destruct spears can inflict pain upon us, but they will never be able to change the Truth.

These forces help us to learn to forgive, forgive and forgive.



the Hague
The Netherlands
The Earth
The Universe


76. Barbara, in the midst of the chaos lies a calm center, a heart which is filled with Peace which begets harmony, Love which begets Peace, Peace which begets an earthly peace. That is what the Source of all life is - the greatest mystery of all, a love, a peace, a harmony which transcends all human definitions of same.

Within each of us dwells this greater Love, Peace and Harmony and down through the ages, through all conflicts of human ego, fear and separation this Source of our being has risen up to call even greater numbers forth to testify that We are truly One. One in beginning, one in the table of earthly elements, one even in our commong ending, the transition we call "death."

Global Meditations Network only exists to link up those who realize that we are One, who hope to realize that we are One and to put forth the energy of Oneness which will reach into any darkness to bring light to grieving, separating souls.

We can utilize psychological jargon to attempt to explain the movement to bring forth peace, harmony and love in our common lives upon the Mother Earth, but it lacks something. That is Heart. The Heart of the Source from which we all come, beyond all philosophies, psychologies, governments, dogmas, the Heart is constant and when we reach into it we know that we are loved beyond all human reason, explanation and will.

We are loved, and we are light simply because we belong to the Almighty - God - Allah - Goddess - All That Is. We Are One...



77. Balancing, Informative, Interactive, Togetherness, Peace, Openness, Sharing, Community, Support, Networking, Gathering, Harmonious, Deep Peace, Commitment, Holding Center in the Places & Spaces of Chaos. Global, Open Heart, Open Mind, Loving Tenderness, Action of Heart.

Susan of Wilmington Delaware, USA.


78. We live in a world full of hate, revenge and greed yet speak to anyone on the street and ALL they desire is LOVE, PEACE AND HARMONY....are our Governments and Big Corporations promoting this...NO they are not...they promote greed, hate and revenge...

Global Mediations want what MOST PEOPLE want - which is PEACE, love and harmony. The only difference is that they ARE DOING IT. They are helping link all those people on the street into a network of love and peace ...

Our world is in crisis - who created the crisis? Is this the world we want to leave our children. NO! It is not.

I and millions of people want to live in a world free of hate, revenge and greed - I therefore support Global Meditations and applaud them for getting of their backsides and physically supporting love and peace. 10 Million people would not have marched for peace if they did not want peace. For every person who marched there were 10 more who wanted to - but did not for a variety of reasons. That is 20 Million people marching for peace and it all began with Global Mediations sending out HOPE to everyday people that they could make a difference....and we me we are....keep tuned you can make all the song and dances you want to make good people look small and inferiour but we are rising in power the power of love and peace.

Jan-Marie, Australia.


79. Dear Barbara

Ever since we met in NY in 1999, I admire your dedicated work to inform us about Lightwork throughout this world. It was great to learn that our project was one of many others - bringing light and the desire for PEACE unto our planet.

I thank you for your contribution - it is highly needed!

Love and Light
Annelies from Switzerland


80. Barbara..

It seems to me that Peace, Love, and Light are the very things we need now of all times, and it doesn't make much difference where we acquire those combined blessings as long as we DO, mindfully and with spiritual honesty. Global Meditations Network helps ME focus and be as honest with myself as I possibly can, and perfectly honestly I don't care if "we" wear purple spots with yellow leotards as long as we do what we can for this beautiful planet with its so many beings.

My words are so terribly inadequate. thank you again for providing yet another insight: as the wounding spear is removed, there will ALSO be a hemorrhage. I'd never realized that before, but it's quite right.

With love,


81. dearest sister

global meditation network has increased and inspired love throughout the world community we are renewing our vow to love one another in each message of peace that is sent through the network our words and expressions of love are reaching many people that heretofore were isolated with only the general media to give news through this network we hear of peace in our community peace echos through the hearts of each participant our community is growing along with love and respect for each other

love beauty trust


82. Dear Barbara:

...(the) Global Meditations is providing a much needed service. It speaks to the world, informing its readers that not all is as its seems. It tells people, that there are many, many others in the world, who do not view the world in quite the way our political leaders and media would like us to. It tells the stories of heroes and heroines who dream and vision a much better world. It warms the heart and nourishes the soul to know of the many well intentioned people who struggle daily to create positive change. It provides information about related websites. It is a leader and a teacher.

It's most important lesson is reminding us about how we create by the way we think, speak and follows thought. If there is a foundation out there which is blind to all of this, let us honour them in their limitations, bless them and move on. Keep up the good work Barbara. Direct you energy where it will be received with gratitude.

With love from Canada!


83. Dear Barbara:

Usually the more powerful you are, the more you will be attacked. Two of my favorite mantras in times like these are "Anyone else's opinon of me is none of my business" and "No one can make you feel inferior without your permission". (I think that second one is attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt.)

I send you light and love to wash away the darkness...


Ellen Collins
Los Angeles


84. Hello,

I am part of the Global meditation Network, and happy to be so. Countless groups around the world join consciously together via the internet so as to become a buffer of peace and do positive work for the good of all on the planet.

We often think and speak in terms of "The best and highest good of all". That means the poor and dispossessed, the lonely, the abused, the imprisoned, the ill, the children of war, those disadvantaged by policies of governments and large companies whose only concerns are for a healthy profit for themselves, and a low bottom line.

Much scientific research in the last ten years has proven the power of prayer. Our groups and most of us individually spend much time in prayer and meditation. In a faith based nation like the US, prayer and meditation and their resultant spiritual practices should not raise people's ire. Nor should people practising their loving and peaceful beliefs cause any corporation to resort to name calling or to denigrating their fellow citizens, who have a constitutional right to worship The Creator in their own ways.

It has ever been found that goodness will eventually triumph over lack of goodness, and that Love is stronger than lack of love, and that Peace is more fulfilling than lack of peace.

We try not to judge our fellow humans, though that is difficult. We offer our love, our energies of harmony and peace to you and to all others.


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


85. Hi Barbara,

With loving respect, I disagree with your analogy. The spear of ignorance cannot possibly pierce a body of Light. There is no need to empower the ignorance with responses. Everyone is doing the best they can according to their wisdom and understanding. The remarks of this organization confirms the adage...People do not know what they do not know.

The Light of God is ALWAYS Victorious and WE are that Light. No oneís lack of awareness can possibly diminish or interfer with that Divine Truth.

Keep shining your magnificent Light!

God Bless You,
Patti Cota-Robles


86. Lighthouse images - radiate the Light of Love, Joy and Laughter - rays of sunshine, caring and compassion -

Elizabeth - South Australia


87. May you get the help you need to continue to provide good information to your recipients.

I am sending Reiki and saying prayers.

Light, love and laughter,


88. The Global Meditations Network helps unite like minded people in spirit to join:

our hearts

our voices in prayer

our collective consciousness in peace

our minds in ideals of cooperation, harmony, beauty, peace and joy

to creatively envision a more noble reality for all the people of the earth.

I am glad for being united with brothers and sisters of nobleness around the planet. Thank you.

Ruthann Pippenger

Peace Through Understanding


89. I have been on the e-mail list for two years.

I have found it to be most helpful in letting me know what activities are taking place all over the world. Your coverage of political, spiritual and social activities allow anyone with a valid message to place it on your board.

I thank you for serving us in this beautiful manner.

MM, Hawaii


90. Dear Barbara,

I send you lots of love as you deal with the transformation.

May Peace Previal on Earth,
Monica, USA


91. Dear Barbara:

It is sad that there are those who find the theme of peace, light and love threatening. Security, contentment comes from within and is projected to others and to the world.

When a large foundation expresses doubt and is afraid of peace, light and love maybe they need to look inside to the backers of the organization and see if they are looking at lack and limitation in their lives which in turn flows through the foundation that expresses in the world.

Why should they care what we think? Are we a threat to them? If so, I bless them and send them love that they might know what it is like to be on the receiving end of love and understanding and loving allowance for all things to be, think, feel and act as they see fit.

We are love in action even for those who oppose us.



92. Dear Barbara:

As a child I had the realization that if many people on a small boat got frightened of something in the water on one side and all ran to the other side, the boat would be in jeopardy of sinking. I also realized that just one person could make the difference of whether the boat capsized or not. Every time global meditations reaches another fearless person, the more likely it is that we will continue safely on our journey. Your network is vitally important to me as it helps me to feel connected to all those who life's mission is to be part of a group of people creating a world that is able to experience peace and love as part of our every day lives. Thank you deeply for the service you provide to me personally; and to all who love life.

Bonnie (South Florida)


93. From Waltraud of Australia.

Reach out and touch someone. Each of us can make a difference in the world, by our intensions and through our attitudes, we can choose to see heaven or hell.

The difference between a Saint and a Sourpuss is that the Sourpuss sees his daily interactions as a nuisance while the Saint finds a continuous stream of opportunities to celebrate. One finds intruders, the other Angles. While we are giving deposits of Love Kindness and Light, we must be a real threat to those seeking darkness and pain.

A Prayer for Light.

In the name of the Father Mother God and the devine Christ light, we ask under the law of Grace for assistance in bringing peace and understanding to the people of this Planet. To bring to them a greater Spiritual nature and trust in the devine order of all things. We ask for assistance to be given to the animal, insect,plant and mineral forms upon earth, that they may bridge gently into the new planetary vibrations. We also ask on their behalf that human need and greed be abated to bring about more tolerance of the brotherhood of these lifeforms- that man may recognise the need for each to be loved and nurtured as he would himself be loved and cared for.

We ask for assistance for our dearly beloved Earth Mother who has for so long bourne the trials and tribulations of man in a state of disconection from source , plundering her shores and seas in his seeking to learn form ego and limitation, on his path to greater spiritual enlightenment.

We ask for ourselves in Humility and Grace that we may be assisted to a greater wisdom and awareness of our own Devine S-elf and Higher Presence in all things, to give ourselves fully to spirit and to Devine service and that we feel the love and joy of the devine connection of one. That we may come to know and above all else who we truely are and allow the transmutation of all that is illusion to gently fall away .

We ask for the quieting of the mind to permit great stillness, peace and silence within. We ask for the love of God to pervade our space and fill our hearts that we may stand in our full I am Presence by the Devine will and Grace of God.

So be it.

These words are not my own but are there to be shared by all.

Thank you


94. Hello Barbara,

We the world network of love are part of the grid enmeshing this planet. The love we generate must embrace the shadows too and bring all into this harmony.

It is hard for those who are unable to accept the larger divine 'hand' at work not to feel negative, lost and aggressive. We hold them too in our hearts, and believe a world of trust between all is possible, and that we will go forward during this time of intense change.

I personally want to stand strong with my feet on the ground and know with all my being that this time of pressure and change will bring delight, joyfulness and heart to all.

Love and strength,
Esther Rousso


95. Dear Barbara,

Through the enlightened messages of The Global Meditations Network we Lightworkers are able to connect on a much higher vibrational level and assist those whose Light is dimmed through fear.

By educating through Love, Peace, Grace and Joy The Global Meditations Network provides a much needed intelligent, well-versed insight into global occurences. As we go within, we see without(\0/)

From KK.


96. Barbara has been selfless in her service, providing information about global peace initiatives. I look forward to her emails to unite with others through positive energy, compassion, and a desire for peace.

Thanks for all that you do, Barbara.

Meryl of Tucson , Arizona, USA


97. Hi Barbara,

Light, Love, and Peace Worldwide because it is Time.

Nan of Montana, North America


98. Hello Barbara,

First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing - getting the word out about meditations around the world. I am grateful to be a part of this movement, knowing that what we do makes a difference.

Many blessings to you and all of the other wonderful beings involved.

Santa Cruz, California

"Everything before us or behind us is nothing compared to that which is within us." Author Unknown


99. May Peace Prevail, with the True Spirit of Love, Beauty of Hope and Tranquility of Peace for all...

di from pacific northwest, USA.


100. Dear Barbara,

The Global Meditations Website gives me a window to the world through which I can focus on peace, give total love to the planet, and send light to where it is needed. I wait for each meditation to join others in peace and in love. I am dedicated to the work of the Global Meditations Network.

Margaret from Pennsylvania


101. Barbara, I just received this poem from a friend in Oregon who is also committed to peace, love and harmony.

As I read this poem I thought of Lennon's song, Imagine. In each era, with each threat of war, we find people who are willing to take that extra step and think in broader, more Human terms. May we heed each one of them, and become, in turn, wagers of peace in our own right. In light, Namaste, ND

Wage Peace by Mary Oliver

Wage peace with your breath.

Breathe in firemen and rubble,

breathe out whole buildings

and flocks of redwing blackbirds.

Breathe in terrorists and breathe out sleeping children

and freshly mown fields.

Breathe in confusion and breathe out maple trees.

Breathe in the fallen

and breathe out lifelong friendships intact.

Wage peace with your listening:

hearing sirens, pray loud.

Remember your tools:

flower seeds, clothes pins, clean rivers.

Make soup.

Play music, learn the word for thank you in three languages.

Learn to knit, and make a hat.

Think of chaos as dancing raspberries,

imagine grief as the outbreath of beauty

or the gesture of fish.

Swim for the other side.

Wage peace.

Never has the world seemed so fresh and precious.

Have a cup of tea and rejoice.

Act as if armistice has already arrived.

Don't wait another minute.


102. Yes we know - anybody who is against an unnecessary war must be irresponsible and loony!

Global Network is a necessary counterpoint to the all pervasive American culture of fear.

Katherine of Switzerland


103. To the foundation:

It is a delight that you have felt our energy so intensely that you reacted. This is indeed why we are help each other grow. Growth takes many forms and it has been my experience that sometimes it begins with the need by an individual to defend their position and lash out at those who hold a contrary one. I will continue to hold loving energy for you as you progress along your path to the New you. I know that in the near future Harmony, brought about by Light, Love and Peace, will be the way of the Earth.

Love spreading the LIGHT,
Celo; Washington; USA; Earth


104. Barbara,


I am very disheartened to hear that your work and personal contributions to world peace have been described as "an irresponsible, loony new age group associated with psycho-peace neurotics".

I have been part of your mailing list for several years now and have enjoyed the diversity of information you provide in your postings. I experience the meditations are focused and a way of bringing together an eclectic group of people focused to do a common work "Peace" in specific areas of the world. What harm can this possibly have?

At a time when the world seems to be poised on the edge of global violence and aggression, I appreciate the inspiration and reminders your postings include to focus my energy, heart and mind. You connect me with others and facilitate interconnecting vision(s) essential for change that is flowing, creative and supportive of all life. As I reflect on your words I am reminded again and again that each of us is birthed from a mother. When one of us is hurt, neglected, killed, there is a mother or family that grieves. Thank you for continuing to bring a broad global perspective to conflicts in the world. Your words shed a peace light and open avenues of heart. Thank you for your continued commitment to making the world a better place by creating a focus of Peace.

In Gratitude and many blessings,

Ojai, California


105. For the Heart nothing is impossible.

People are alike; they are just taught different things about themselves.

Intentions and free will create the reality that we know. Everything else is an illusion.

God is Love. God's Will; will prevail. Human life is too short lived for the outcome to be seen with this short-lived span. Everything works for good for those that have unconditional love.

Rise up to a higher level of conscientiousness and view from the heavens, Know that the Most High Rules in the Kingdom of Men.

Know Peace Prevails on Earth.

Loving Circles,


106. I appreciate to receive news, and to be in this stream of light that all of us are building together, from Globalmeditations, and from you.

Please feel sustained in your work, energy is everything, without energy fields there is no life, no matter, nothing.

Love and meditations are fundamentals for these fields, that we reinforce thanks also to your stimulating and active exchange of information...

For sure such a meeting point attracts its contrary, and this manifested negativity is a good sign, showing that something really has been moved through your action...

Let the spears fly around and fall to your feets, they are just like applauses but on a level a little bit under the level of love, well not everybody can send love in the same way...

Thank you again for what you do.

Torianaos, France


107. For me the Global Meditations Network is a service that keeps me informed of other like-minded folks who are willing to put themselves on the line to do what we can to help create a healthy peaceful planet. It keeps us informed of groups who are meditating and praying for peace in our world and I in turn can tune in at those times and spiritually connect in spirit with these folks. It is a place where like minded folks can help create a paradigm shift to a world thinking of peace among all peoples -- the bottom line message of all religions. AND ULTIMATELY, this is supposedly the focus of our leaders in Washington, DC. We choose to take the route of creating Peace within ourselves and focusing on making that number of people grow so we will have a peace mentality to create peace instead of a war mentality to create peace. Taking a war mentality to create peace keeps retaliation going and in my experience that has never in the end created peace anywhere -- in a sand box of children or a family or a business or nations. Peace creates a win-win situation. Global Meditations Network is a solid grassroots Network very grounded in reality. I know I am a very grounded healthy person who is appreciative to have this Network. I CHOOSE PEACE!!!

Rebecca, Missouri, USA


108. To the foundation that wishes to cast ignominy upon the Global Meditations Network, I wish you much peace and light and may love overwhelm you with its blessings!

Agneta in Sweden


109. To: Barbara Wolf

There is an old saying that peace begins in the heart. For years now, your network has brought opportunities for people to find that peaceful place in their hearts and bring that peace into the world. While there is increasing scientific evidence that prayer and other forms of meditation both increase individual health and positively impact the external world, there are millions of people who do not need scientific proof to accept that proposition.

At times, the network embraced work that involved our efforts to protect whales, dolphins, and other ocean life from thoughtless human actions. We know that the network's spiritual support helped to achieve our successes to date.

Thank you for the clearinghouse service you provide. Pay absolutely no attention to those who operate on a frequency from which they simply cannot perceive the value in what you do.

Aloha and much love,
Lanny of Hawaii


110. My hope for the person(s) that sent the e-mail is that the Light of Truth will shine in their eyes and remove the veil of Ignorance from them; that the Love of Our Father/Mother God will touch their heart(s) and remove the constricting coils of Fear; that the Absolute Unconditional Perfection which he/she/they are will Manifest in their Spirit(s)/Soul(s) and he/she/they will know exactly what we are all about.

I challenge he/she/them to see the world for the Perfection it is, rather than the Illusion it presents. You'll be amazed, I promise you. I will pray for you and send you healing energy and thoughts.

You see, regardless of how you feel about us or believe about us, a group of people like this acts like a mirror: You see reflected only what is in your own emotions/heart/mind/soul/spirit. I challenge you to change the image of darkness being reflected back at you, because, whether you know it or not, that is what you are seeing/feeling. As my friend would say, "What in 'Peace' and 'Love' do you not understand?"

May the Blessings of Our Father/Mother God touch you NOW!

Lorie Jean Barnes
Anderson, California


111. Dear Barbara!

We would like to thank you for keeping us informed about the amazing expressions of caring that are happening all over the world. Our community (an online participatory group of thousands of folks involved in prayerful intent) is also interested in challenging conventional wisdom, exploring alternatives, conveying a vision of hope... we aim to inform and inspire to action that makes a difference for each of us , individually, for our families and friends, and for the global community.

Many Blessings,

from the crew at the NEXT STEP Project


112. Dear Barbara...

thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you've been doing all these years. If we had an academy we'd be giving you the Humanitarian Award - or something like that - for making sure we all know what's going on out there!

Only Love Prevails and in great part, thanks to you!

Carole of UK


Before the Dream

Lyrics from England


Looking through this window of time

Let the veils drop - see the new dawning.

Amidst confusion, find the diamonds:

In the falling dust - answers to the longing.



Before the dream, Before the vision,

There stands love, healing derision.

Before the dream, before division,

There stands love, the healing decision.


Picking up the pieces in aftermath,

Now the clouds beginning to part.

Opening here before us a path

Leading straight in to open heart.


Don't let go that spark of knowing -

You knew it know it still.

How your eyes shone just to see it:

It was your dream - and it is real...


113. Aloha Barbara -- My deep thanks to you for your Global Meditations program filled with love, peace and harmony. Know that when you are under "attack" for such work, it is a sure measure of your effectiveness.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All,



114. Dearest Barbara:

Thank you for letting us all participate in this challenge/opportunity. You are honored and loved.

Here is my letter.

Dear Friends:

While I accept that unconditional love, compassion, and a desire to live in Peace and Serenity with all living beings may appear "psycho, neurotic, and loony" to some, and the desire to hurt or harm another by spouting this opinion directly may seem a requirement to fill a perceived need, it remains my fervent prayer that, at some near future, you find these qualities within and understand the beauty of the examined life.

Oklahoma, USA


115. Dear Barbara,

Many blessings of light, love and positive transformation. Keep moving in the direction towards more harmony and peace, together we will become conscious and aware of our common bond of love.






117. Peace, Love, and Light are healing and life sustaining.



118. Barbara Wolf does good work, consistently and tirelessly.

One may differ with some of the views expressed in her newsletter on any particular issue, and that's fair enough; differences are healthy. But the positive, intelligent intent of her work is clear, on balance. In a time when great conflict is set to be loosed on the world, people of good heart need to stick together.

Michael North
Los Angeles


119. 2-28-03

To think is to create...... and what harm can it do for people to combine positive energies, thoughts, love and light???? Even if I felt it wouldn't be of any use, What harm could come of that????? Even the Bible says "Where there are two or three gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them."



120. I send you

Holy, holy, holy,

healing light & love,

peace, protection, prosperity,

balanced abundance,

wisdom, enlightenment, evolution


the highest & holiest for all-one of us!


Love, Kathy


121. Dear Barbara,

Peace is a product of LOVE and love can only emerge when FEAR is properly handled and overcome. It is mainly a matter of the heart rather than the mind. In my mind, GOD and LOVE are synonymous - our GOD is not vengeful - GOD is a guiding light to Peace and true power. Given time, power always triumphs over force.

Mel & Ann of Arizona, USA


122. Beloved Barbara, I totally support the Global Meditation Group, its a fantastic instrument for PEACE. Light attracts everything to it , including the dark. So I will surround these beings in a bubble of Light, the Light knows what to do and will do it, LIGHT is the most powerful emination there is, and is a twin with LOVE. My empathy goes out to you, its amazing what length these dark ones will go to, to continually create the fear they are nourished by. Use anything you need, my name and anything else.




123. Howdy Barbara,

I'm Dave from Yacolt, Washington, and I have always been raised with a belief in the Paranormal and have a love for Science as well. Many belief systems are thought of as being bogus for a long period of time before "Science" goes Ooops, that actually works. A lot of "New Age" thinking is becoming respectable now because of the newer scientific beliefs in Non-Locality etc, etc.

But whatever the current belief system, Scientific or Philosphical, the overriding concern should be an expression of love and caring for the other humans on this planet, our neighbor creatures, the planet itself and the occaisional visitor from other planets, dimensions, times or realms.

We should express love to our critics, partly because they are as entitled to their beliefs about us as we are, and also not to let their negativity create negativity within us, and thus decrease the feeling of love potential we all have.

We should embrace with joy that there are so many different belief systems and also to remember that there have been some famous researchers into the paranormal who originally started out as skeptics.

Since we all send out our thoughts with their inherent powers included. We should always strive to make them positive and loving ones.

Thank You Much for Your Newsletter,
Dave H.


124. I send you love, light, and kindness, from my heart to yours. May blessings and wisdom enter your heart and your life!!

Gretchen from Hawaii



Marcelo - BRAZIL


126. We ask our Lord, God, to help us choose Peace over War. May the flames of peace and goodnes that exist within all our hearts grow together to create a world where we all could live in Peace and Harmony

Maria of Chicago, Illinois


127. Hi Barbara

Thanks for your email. The power of collective good thought will always as we know lighten up the darkest of nights. That we are all one in consciousness coming from that place of good heart will illumine the planet and all those who dwell on it. Our task is always to keep our thoughts high and send love and light to all humanity whether we are understood by them or not.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of global meditations through the medium of cyberspace it is wonderful to be connected in this way and to play some small part in keeping the resonance of mother earth in her highest octave.

Wishing you much love and peaceful hearts.
Lynne, UK


128. Global Meditations offers a worldwide, nonviolent approach to the problems of our planet today. An approach which many leaders of the past have successfully employed to restore balance and harmony. It also provides strength and an enlightening opportunity to all those who strive to improve our treatment of Mother Earth and each other.

Shirley of Massachusetts, USA


129. To Whom It May Concern,

I have been an active member of the Global Meditation Network for as long as it has been operating. I understand that you are not aware of the forces of spiritual energy and that you mistakenly believe that because you do not see them, they are not present. However, people do not see radio waves, we hear the results of them when we turn on our radios. In a like manner, when we tune in to the peaceful vibrations being broadcast throughout the planet by members of the global meditation network, we can feel the positive effects and can see changes in attitudes, even if they are very slight. Groups like ours create a positive hopeful atmosphere and that can never be a negative outcome. We are not nutcases. We have studied spirituality and ancient philosophy for years. Many of us are highly educated and all of us are fully dedicated to the cause of peace. We join in peace rallies with our bodies and send out peace through our hearts. We send you peace, love and light in the hope that you will recognize a positive force when you feel it.

June of Ontario, Canada.


130. Global Meditations Network (GMN) is a worldwide community composed of countless diverse groups from all religious, spiritual, cultural and ethnic identifications. What these groups and individuals have in common is a commitment to peace.

In peace,
Molly/Columbus Ohio


131. Dear Barbara,

I confirm, that I am working by projecting energies with images and visions, to help people and all beings to develop a live with love, which shows in the kind of healing.

When a mother gives care and fond loving thoughts and wishes to her sick child, the child cures faster. It is the way many religions recommend also the Christians, that loving energies helps to cure. The result is not only a faster healing but also a deeper consciousness and awareness for the live and the certain situation. So we identify with the live and all aspects.

Science says that the thoughts creates the reality and what can be better asb to think in and with love and care? So I would like to contribute, to create less violence and less destruction and more love.

I do this in my business day by day with my employees when I talk with them in appraisals. If I have anger in my mind I creates problems, even if I don't express it. If I'm positive in my mind I create much more agreement and finally a better result. This is how it works what I do.

Everybody can read this in books about business leadership. In all seminars about this matter it is the basic. What I give out I will receive

In the same way I work with the would peace. I wish the world releasing problems and creating love and appreciation for all being, humans as well as plants and animals.

Once I had a meditation and I asked, what is important for the world and the first answer was "Make the world more peaceful" If you reflect about this then all problems of earth would be solved. No violence anymore, no destruction, no torture, no ecological devastation, and with the result of this no poverty and no hunger anymore.

The second answer was "Might without love destroys". If you reflect about this, then you can see, that the might is in the political and economical arena and everywhere we have destruction. If there would be might with love then there would be care, amicability and forgiveness for everyone and an incredible increase of constructiveness in the world and in the economics. There where this is in business, the result is cooperation and business is successful, there where it is in the world we find constructiveness of the societies. Everything begins with the thoughts.,

Why shouldn't I do the most natural, which parents do for their kids and manager for their business why shouldn't it be used for the world and world's peace and support?

I hope that more and more people will do this, according to the song of John Lennon "Imagine".

Kind regards
Lothar of Germany


132. To Barbara Wolf in response to the large foundation's concerns:

May your foundation be informed that we have a group of dedicated men and women praying for peace at a church in Bellevue, Washington State. We are a group of 20 that meet every Monday night. We visualize world peace and love between all nations. Our goal is to continue as long as is necessary to bring peace, particularly between United States and Iraq.



133. Barbara,

Your newsletter is inspiring to receive and I always appreciate the work you do to locate sites that tell the truth about what is really happening on this planet...that only love and peace prevail. Your kind of "news" is not available in the corporate media and I am hungry to know and hear what people all over the world are really thinking and doing for peace on this planet. Thank you for your hard work.



134. Dear Barbara,

There is nothing loony about prayer, about creating high quality thoughts, about wanting humanity to be the best we can be.

Some of the gatherings and initiatives on the list may be a bit wacky, but the clear and simple heart of this work is based in love. Stay with that.

Hang in there kiddo!

Angus of Scotland.


135. Dear Barbara,

I was very distressed to hear that an organization is questioning the validity of your work and that of Global Meditations. In these stressful times we live in, your work is a a beacon of light for so many - bringing comfort, strength and hope to those who do not know where to turn.

Your work synthesises all that is good in this world of ours and it creates links for those who are like minded souls on the path of self realization and those who desire peace on our planet enabling them to connect with each other.

Those who are ignorant often attack what they do not understand. Maybe it would be possible to invite these people who doubt to have a conversation one on one with those who are willing to discuss or communcate with them to explain the work further so they have a better understanding.

If spreading peace and light is described by some as "neurotic, looney new age, psycho peace neurotics" let us all surround them with light thereby neutralizing the sting of their arrows for us and for them.

Carolyn of California


136. Naang'ua Barbara, Tutskwa I'qatsi,

Our world is so in need of those whose hearts show them the way, of those who feel and know that only through loving service, and nonviolence, the way taught in all true religions, can there ever be lasting peace and prosperity in our world. We are meant to live together peacefully upon this Earth as One Family. We are all learning the lessons that finally teach us to love one another, care for one another, and all life upon our Mother Earth. We can learn our lessons the easy way, or through more painful suffering brought about by making poor choices-- choices born of vengefulness, fear, and hatred. Only when love is introduced into our relationships, personally, and globally, can there be hope for understanding and mutual respect, rather than suspicion, and fear, and a peaceful world to live in together.

We are One World, with One Earth Mother, all relations, all One Family, and what we do to any other, we also inflict upon ourselves. This is a simple truth that yet eludes those who speak about war and violence, who have forgotten how to hear what their hearts are ever speaking to them, and to all of us. The way is ever found, as great spiritual figures have been telling us over and over down through the ages, by selflessness, service, peace, and love. Those who live this way, the way of the heart, naturally make sacrifices for the common good. It is not an easy way to live, but the good we now see in the world is largely the result of those who have lived this way in the past, who have allowed our Creator's Love to flow through them into the world. Each of us can make a great positive difference to the Earth, if we will also live a life of giving, compassion, and love, remembering the simple, yet powerful truth of the Golden Rule.

With love and respect,
upaava - your brother


137. Dearest Barbara,

It is with the deepest of gratitude that I express my appreciation for the "Global Meditations Network." You have assisted in a greater awareness, deeper connection, and ways to assist others for our greater good. Thank you!

In Loving Light
Laurie Jessop


138. healing, stabilization,peace,love,light, syncronicity, urrender to peace, surrender to love.

thank you barbara for your action, be in peace



139. Dear Barbara,

 This is Paula from Kentucky in the USA.
Your Global Meditations are a source of "keeping on track" for the important things. Just a fun note:

Three Wise Women would have...
Asked diredtions
Arrived on time

 Helped deliver the baby
Cleaned the stable
Made a casserole
Brought practical gifts and
There would be peace on earth.


140. Barbara, Hi!

While you may need emails, you really don't - for there is no seperation. All is one. All we can do is Love MORE. What a tough thing to do sometimes. To love more and not be biased or judgemental in our love rationing. We can only do the best we can do.... perhaps loving the act or ability to Love. Love love.

Yes, I understand the need for the wanting of the responses, and I empathize, but too we can only attract that which is harmonious to us if we are always in that state of being. So errant thoughts (I include myself in this) can lead to errant/unwanted creations.

And as I write this to you, Barb, I reflect that it is me who has been getting this very message all morning long. : ) So you many not need these words but you NOW are reflecting to even heal during a moment of hemmoraging. Blessings abound!

You are a strong, spiritual Light in the storm of Life, Barb. All IS You. Therefore, You Are All - You Are Light! I am a great support of you, your site, and your work. My Light acknowledges Your Light!

Blessed Be, Dearest SiSTAR of Light, Love and Peace!!!

Deidre of 'tween


141. There are so many of us here in the world who have come into life for the sole purpose of finding a place with a need in order to bring about actions of loving kindness, understanding and peace. As a child I walked the seventy miles of devastation in the first Hiroshima Day March. It took me two days with thousands of others walking along side. The exertion of that effort left my feet blistered and my body exhausted. Then I imagined every thing that I had seen not being there at all. This vivid experience has stayed with me all of my life and serves as a reminder that war is extinction and the darkest aspect of the human soul. It has been a long journey from Australia where I was born in freedom and peace to this war torn country Israel. I have found a work that has great value working with Jewish and Arab children teaching them the peaceful Art of Circus. I hope that there are millions of people like me doing their own peace-full activity some where in the world in an effort to turn the darkness of the human soul toward the light of love and understanding. There is no other alternative as extinction is not a choice!!

In love and solidarity with my millions of unseen friends,
Dharma Lawrence of Israel.


142. Hello Barbara,

As a species, it is time to overcome old models which traditionally have plagued our culture and civilization, such as conflict over peace, competition over cooperation, fear over wisdom, exploitation over conservancy, and dependancy over self-reliance. We now wish to move forward through a deeper connection with our fellow man, other species, the environment and the universe in all its manifestations. Creating change begins from thoughts, beliefs and expectations. Energy transforms the thought or idea into physical manifestation. Sending positive and healing thoughts by individuals and groups helps to further the build up and transformation.

There is absolutely nothing irresponsible about this approach. It only reaffirms our understanding that we are all ONE in the world and is a demonstration of our desire to construct a better society. Why, I dare say it is a most "responsible" network.

Joe of Denver, Colorado


143. Hi Barbara,

Today is the day. 03-03-03

Let there be peace in the world. Let it begin with me.
Let there be love in the foundation. Let it begin with you.
Let there be light in the media. Let it begin with our words.



144. Dear Barbara

May the peace, love and grace which passes all understanding be with us all, here and now, in the present.

South Africa


145. Dear Barbara,

I live near Jerusalem. Our part of the world is pulled apart by terror and fanaticism. I don't think I could manage without people like you to help me hold that God loves us and sends light to anyone who will open the door.

I work as hard as I can but it is difficult and you are needed for the connection and to help fix the strong points of positivity around our globe so that gradually, those points of strength will join up to form a network of good and light within and without.

In love and light.
Shulamit from Israel


146. Hi Barbara,

 I am so glad we are hemorrhaging Peace, Light, and Love!!!!!!

 My hemorrhaging words are:


"God is Love, God is Peace, and God is Light. How can God create anything less than that? Ergo, we are Peace, we are Light, and we are Love. When we realize that, we will live that, and we will create that.



147. To the Foundation,

Do not underestimate the power of Love. The power of Love is immense, infinite -- certainly not weak or passive or fearful. Love has created the universe, and it will continue to expand and expand and expand so that some day there will be no room for anything except Love.


Napa of California


148. Barbara,

As advocates of peace and students of non-material realms, we may be confronted or subverted on various levels. Attention on a material level is confirmation that our work affects the physical world.

The challenge is to raise our consciousness to a higher level so that we may respond appropriately from a place of love. If the communication is merely the statement of an opinion, prayer and meditation may be all that is called for. Make sure that you are comfortable and at peace if you do respond in writing.

The pain from the spear wound, as you name it, will help identify where you are personally vulnerable. You may ask for help to heal and strengthen your being. However, derogatory emails need not cause harm to the Global Meditations Network. You could regard them as discourteous requests to be the focus of higher energies.

Always know that you are not alone.

 Richard of Washington



I hereby wish to express my de-LIGHT at the magnificent World Service provided by the GLOBAL MEDITATIONS NETWORK!

The role played by this network is of great assistance to the development of humanity towards a higher level of Consciousness.

It is through the Global Meditations advertised in the 'Global Meditation Network', that we, the Love& Light Workers of Planet Earth join as ONE HEART and send our intent of Love and Peace throughout the Planet.

That ayone can even suggest that this is not an extraordinary service to Humanity , is in denial of the POWER OF GROUP CONSCIOUSNESS!

I applaud and give my gratefulness to Barbara Wolf for undertaking such a mamoth job, UNCONDITIONALLY!

Blessings of Love,

 Lilliana Corredor, Ph.D., of Australia

Expert in Aquatic Ecosystems


150. Dear Barbara,

Your unbelievable e-mail has just arrived. Though I am new to your website it seems to me to be one of the most interesting and informative sites I have seen.

I am appalled to hear of this foundationís opinion. However, given the times and what is happening to free speech in this country I am not surprised.









152. Barbara,

It is difficult to understand any attack on the world peace efforts made by the Global Meditations Network, especially an attack from a foundation. One would generally believe that any foundation would be formed to devote its energies towards a betterment of the human condition, and would welcome any other organization's or group's efforts to make this a better world for all of us. It would be interesting to know if this attack was the official position of the foundation or merely the work of one or more negative individuals who are sadly closed to the reality of who they really are.

Whatever the circumstance, we can only send them blessings: love, light, compassion, understanding and grace. May they awaken to the reality of who they really are, and come to understand the powerful difference that numerous souls, united in spirit, and focused on love, light and peace, can make in this world.

Love, light, and peace,
Lee - Colorado


153. Peace, love, and light are the only hope for a peaceful world and a peaceful generation. Shouldn't peace be our goal? Without peace and love why live? I hope one day I will be able to live in a world dominated by these three ideas.

Peace, love, and light,
Margaret, age 16.


154. Blessings on Global Mediations. Your work for Peace for all is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your commitment to a sustainable future for all based on respect, equality and Love.

 - Christine


155. Hello Barbara,

The only thing to do is to remain focused on one's inner Truth and Light. This large foundation pierces no one other than itself. The more it tries to pierce others, the more it wounds itself. And amen to that.



156. Hi

 .. admittedly I do not know what is going on, but stand firm in your faith and TRUST that all will be well ... do not allow yourself to falter or have any doubts ... the benefit to Mother Earth and humanity cannot be measured, nor need it be PROVED to anyone ...

YOU have been doing a marvellous job uniting people and providing information to them about meditations, and ways in which they may choose to help ... Bless you for that .... there is no doubt about your good intentions ...

.... the OPINION of this foundation is of little importance in the grand scheme of things ... particularly in terms of what Mother Earth and humanity has needed and still needs ....

please remember that all great people face challenges and sceptics, particularly those trying to help humanity and make CHANGES in this world ...


Grace of Australia


157. Sister Wolf, May the bright light of the Holy Spirit surround you, protect you, comfort you, and guide you. Obviously the foundation doesn't know anything about the power of the mind

and collective consciousness. I hope you didn't take their dissing personally. Thanks for your positive vibrations and news. Love you.

Walk in peace,
Mariah Red Wind


158. Dear Barbara,

Your emails and website are wonderful as they let me know about the many ways I can join world wide work for bringing even more peace, love and light to the planet than is here now.

 Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony ...

Nancy of Arizona


159. My association with your organization appears to be by design at a higher order than man is conceivably capable of orchestrating, as is with all things that evolve to validate one's existence.

Some time ago, actually March 2002 after several years of working in the electronics field I was suddenly notified by my former supervisor that she would be removed from her position after 31 years. Her removal was to protect an incompetent CPA that was unable to balance accounting books properly. The doctor that took this action was actually removing hard working people to place friends he was bringing from Massachusetts. I was removed from my position and started a "Trial of Faith Validation" again, a process that seems to occur for me every 3-5 years. I had imagined that I would find employment within a few weeks at most, but to my shock the industry began to regurgitate thousands of workers, which made my job search near impossible. Though prospects slimmed as time wore on, I continued to tell my wife "Please have Faith, and most important, do not loose your faith in me. You are the cradle of my reason to believe, because I brought you back to believing in God. If you fail me then my faith will be harder to prove. You must always see the Sun behind the dark clouds, and accept that certain forces have gained the strength to raise havoc amongst the people. Her tears grew as time wore on, 2 months, 4 months, 8 months, and 750 employment applications. Later I still had to keep my chin up my faith strong, my prayer constant and my hope as crystal clear as it was in February 2002."

Then, my wife, said to me in December 2002, "Has God abandoned you, and why, Is this how God rewards those that have responded to His call. Does he forget the days and nights you went to help someone that called because they were in the process of suicide, of these many that you went to see and removed the lupus, tumors of the brain, sores of the body, eye problems, near death, loss of faith or family member, or those out of luck. Who was watching you as these miracles happened, you gave Is this is your return. People all over the country and in Europe witnessed and received healings because you responded to God's call, always putting all else aside. Now we are faced with poverty and now could lose all, I couldn't handle that if it happens, please talk to Him and find out why He has abandoned you."

I listened, and I cried, not that she thought that God had abandoned me, but that God was witnessing the loss of faith in someone who again came to believe in Him against all odds. I turned to her and said "I will not give up my faith I will not be hindered by fear, I have the greatest confidence in the knowledge I have in my work, all of it, and if I am being tested then I must remain strong and fearless poor or not. I told her that I would reach to the depths of my soul to attempt to find out why I was being tested again." The month of December 2002 was quiet, we had managed to have a very small Christmas celebration, mostly in tears. When January rolled in I began to feel a resurgence I had seen before. I continued to call companies, scan the Internet, apply for jobs everywhere, and now it seemed that I was slowly removing the layers that hid a miracle and secret. I persisted and continued to tell my wife to have faith in me, after 9 months of searching, I saw that she was losing faith.

One day in January, 2003 I was headed to see if I could happen to see an job ad in a window. As I drove I turned inward and told God, "God I don't know why I am being tested again that is fine, but with your direction and strength I brought back the woman I married to believe in You, and now she is losing faith. After all the effort to have her believe in You, will she witness that truth and have her say "God abandoned you." I felt a warmth and continued thru the day. I returned home in the afternoon and went to my computer. For some time I had been trying unsuccessfully to access a special public file of current job openings that were filled within minutes of posting. I had an inspiration and entered a sequence of letters that I heard. I hit the enter and 1 page came up on the search. I clicked on it and to my amazement the link was to a company that did work I had stopped doing when I retired from the federal government. The Ad was requesting a person to fill a position they had been unable to fill. The reason was because the job was the job I had, when I retired in 1993. I called, and the miracle to this day overwhelms me. The Miracle..?,, the person doing the hiring went to high school with me, the employees were 35 people I had worked with in 1993. The job?, they needed help to survive, someone that could make work happen. Suddenly, I went from traveling from job inquiry to another and now in 4 days I was sent on a short term project to New Jersey all expenses paid. Now I am looking at travelling extensively because, I have opened the door for the company to qualify for new and specific electronic work, The reason, because the company president had prayed for help to find someone that could help the company survive in this new and dynamic economy. I have been at this job now since February 13, 2003, and I have now been told that my future is very bright with the company.

My wife is not crying out of fear anymore, she is crying tears of joy, because she feared to have continued faith in me. She is smiling, sleeping, not having panic attacks. I have my wife back and she has again renewed her faith against all odds. Is this fair, I am not one to question, I have walked this path for 34 years, always being tested, always helping people, never expecting a reward other than from God. My faith remains and remains strong , I was very active in my church during this 10 months, never showing signs of fear. The reason was because people at church I spoke with also had lost jobs where they worked, and wanted me to explain how to be strong. Any less than the truth would make me a hypocrite, which I am not


Roger J Galindo


160. Dear Barbara,


Lasting peace will never come to a world that thinks it has a choice between peace and war.

Christina - Argentina


161. Sometimes my opinion has been different. Sometimes I have deleted your e-mails because of time and space - sometimes I have not taken part of an action...but sometimes, it shifts my whole being, adding to my day (which is a part of my life) and always I know that the energy transmitted with your "peace, love and light" makes a difference in the frequency or actions of the world (even if it is not measurable)- What, in any possible way, can sending peace, love and light harm anyone or anything. Know that what you do, makes a difference. Let the hemorrhaging heal!


Oregon, USA


162. The Sun shines on the just and the un-just-----may it illuminate everyoneís path for the common good.

 Sai Ram,
Doreen of North Ireland.

Sent this third of the third of the third!!!


163. Joyaís Peace:

 Sitting in a circle or alone, creating the thought and visual expression of loving one another. In the quietness of my heart, I see the light of God that comes from within me and ripples out into the world showing others the same. It matters not what others think of my practice. What matters most is that I am creating within myself the peace that I want and that creation will affect all who are in contact with me either physically or at a distance. I am but a reflection of what the human heart really is: love. There are only two emotions from which humanity exists. These emotions are fear and love. All other emotions are but a tributary of these two. Fear is the emotion from which war becomes a reality.. The louder the fear/anger of war, the more peace I am. I AM Joya, New Hampshire, USA.


164. Dear Barbara, you have my 100% support, please use the following message:

The Global Meditations Network is invaluable to thousands if not millions of people worldwide. I have been a subscriber for many years. Barbara's love, caring and total dedication to peace reflects throughout her website and in the emails I receive. Global Meditations Network would be one of the most sound, solid, informational, knowledgable, inspiring, inspirational, motivational, spiritual websites on the internet.

How 'irresponsible' of a large foundation to attack a world peace-promoting organization.

With light, love & peace
Rev. Mary
New York City


165. What Global Meditations means to me: An opportunity to help my fellow man, and heal the planet, in an ongoing way. A positive light in the dark, the light at the end of the tunnel. A chance to link up with other like-minded people to create a mass consciousness of positivity to send out all over the world, to bring peace, to help people be happy, to counter all the negativity we encounter on a day by day basis. A schedule of positive events going on around the globe to which we may add our positive energies, to create a better world. Global Meditations adds only to the positive in this world, and Heaven knows there is more than enough negativity going around....this is it's counterbalance, and hopefully, will help us all create positive changes all around us and throughout the planet.

Arizona, USA


166. (As A Man Thinketh) "Every thought-seed sown or allowed to fall into the mind, and to take root there, produces its own, blossoming sooner or later into act, and bearing its own fruitage of opportunity and circumstance. Good thoughts bear good fruit, bad thoughts bad fruit."


167. All dissent is fading in the growing Light.

Hamburg, Germany


168. We must conquer Evil with Love, not Hate. I have a sign in my front window that says this. We must continue to pray for peace. We must not be swayed by all of the propaganda various political and religious organizations in the USA and other countries are putting forth in favor of war. War is a lose-lose proposition. I say beads every day (Moslem, Christian, Buddhist) in hope of peace and sanity for all of humanity.

Please feel free to take my words, which are my heart.

peace and love


169. Dear Barbara,

Global Meditations Network is an informative organization that is alert to events that promote peace, love and joy on the planet along with ecological sensitivity. I personally appreciate all that you do. It is painful to be wounded, but part of unconditional love is to allow others to be on their chosen path. Send them love and continue your wonderful work in the certain knowledge that you are on YOUR path. Enact the loving law of Allowance, whereby you release them to be who they are and lovingly ask that they release you to be who you are. It's still a free country and we all have the right to express ourselves.

 God/dess bless you!

Atlanta, Geogia, USA


170. Nobel Institute, Peace, Norway, Love


171. Dear Barbara:

Thank you so much for keeping me posted on the positive actions being taken to better our world. Although I know that one person can make a difference, I also know that when two or more gather in the name of God, true miracles and change can take place.

Your timely updates are very helpful as I join in prayer with people of like minds. I often forward them to friends who also express their appreciation for their messages.

In these depressing times, it is so very helpful to know that there are many other souls across the world who are full of love and hope for creating a better world for all.

Thanks again,
Francinne of Illinois, USA


172. hemorrhaging Peace, Harmony and Happiness is all I see it (the Global Meditations Network) doing. . .

in being Canadian, eye'll go Loonie when and where ever I CAN for a

flush the world with light and laughter
sing a Toonie and make merry and music,
for aMERRYcan play and party in Peace,
we will Boogie and Jazz up the Blues as we pack the JAM SESSIONS
full of sound amuseUMS, give humOUR is the healer and we'll be let put on
this blooming show how to swing for a healing, in record break time.

Stretch of Canada


173. The Global Meditations Network always contains useful information that allows me to know many of the positve actions that are occuring across the world. It is information that I can use to reinforce the positive energies that are permeating our planet, so that the negative energies, which seem so prevalent these days, will be transmuted into understanding and creative right action.

 Wayne of Arizona, USA


174. Good morning Barbara,

The foundation that sent it's opinion is like the mind of man, in this case i will call the mind, ego. This group , mind, ego is threatened by the idea of enlightenment, for seekers to argue this point makes them the opposite, The ego would like to make us think we are only the mind when we are so much more.

Love & Peace


175. Darling Barbara,

 Your efforts have been wonderful and as you use the internet to get the WORD out, the Heavenly Host do also. Never before in the history of man has so many lifted up their hearts to ban together demonstrating for Peace around the world. This is indeed a phenomena and there will always be one disgruntled ignorant that will speak out against what the LIGHT. This ought to only encourage us all to continue on, telling us that we are on the right Path!

You dear Barbara have placed yourself in the breach to be that bridge over troubled waters encouraging us who work 9 to 5 everyday.

 You, Barbara, have inspired a lot of us and if this person who is callused enough to speak out against us, ought to get a load of what other web sites are saying, such as, Emissaries of,,, and the list goes on.

One day soon this blurry eyed person will look up and see with his own eyes the Heavenly Host surrounding the Earth to rid the planet of war, pestilence, and famine. Tyrannical gov'ts will be no more and all of us will experience what freedom really is. Let us pray for this spear thrower that he will have eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of God is saying.

Thank you Barbara for lifting the torch for a lot of us and do carry on!

Most Sincerely,


176. "Now, more fervently than ever, I am holding the vision of any and all misqualified and miscreated energy being transformed right here and right now. "

 Thanx for all your wonderful work Barb.

 Phyllis von Miller aka White Wolf Woman.


177. The energies of Global Meditations Network are simply about joy, lightness, cooperation and gentleness. We are a community joined by the Heart. Our hearts are rooted in helping and not harming. And we are powerful simply because Love is heals and trans-forms. We send you blessings of peace and ebullience, dear foundation who has thrown a spear at us! We love you so much!

--Carol. Pennsylvania, USA


178. Dear Barbara, as an academic with a deep sense of the spiritual nature of man, I want to honour the work of globalmeditations and the opportunity it creats for so many likeminded souls to communicate our Peace, Love and Light.

Keep up the good work.

Josie of England


179. I wholeheartedly support Global Meditations. The group energy generated by these meditations support a healthy and peaceful planet.

 Cheryl, USA


180. Hi Barbara,

We greatly appreciate the work of the Global Meditations Network. We insert news of global meditations and prayer vigils you surface in our newsletters.

Bless you for your good work towards peace and global healing, never has it been more necessary!

In Peace,
New Jersey, U.S.A.

 "The more man meditates upon good thoughts, the better will be his world and the world at large." Confucius


181. Dear Barbara,

 Yesterday suddenly this one (poem) rolled out with great speed :

The divine temple of Hellís acrobats
How could you choose to roam there?
Why would you conform your precious mind to thoughts so vile,
As if pugnacious dwellings could ever set the tone for luminous gardens
Who would be so wise to avoid such meagre doings from a mind so poorly lit

 The one who holds no name will walk a different path
Unequivocally clear Ė
Past the parade of wandering keepers
On their baseless sojourn.

 As always, love and light to you and your network.

We're with you always.

 Jan of The Netherlands


182. Barbara,

From: Ray in Gresham, Oregon, USA

We are living during times that are forcing people to choose light or darkness. For those that choose to live in the shadows of their own fear, doubt and bigotry, we must redouble our compassion and love towards them.

Separation for any reason is still separation. ..This is why we must embrace those that would see us as their enemies until they feel what we feel and know that it's alright for all of mankind to unite as one.

Peace, Love and Light


183. smile the World needs TLC

Peace & Joy

Oxford, England


184. I would like to see this world filled with love and light. I would like to see the world without human misery. So if I want the world to be changed I will have to change myself.

Love and Light,
Suzana! of Macedonia


185. Barbara, I am glad that the arrow has not pierced so deeply as to cause you to give up this very valuable service you perform to the world. Being on the list to receive your emails I consider a great privilage. I know the time and energy it must take to gather and send this information we all need in order to truly make a difference in the world. Even those events we can not attend we can lend our support because we know where that support is needed because of you and Global Meditations Network. Thank you for your time, energy, peace and love.


Stands With The Light


186. Dear Barbara and members of our Global Community,

I am writing to offer my deep and abiding support and appreciation to the Global Meditations Network, not as a member of some "loony new age fringe group", or as a "psycho peace neurotic" (whatever THAT may be), but as a mother/grandmother/world citizen/American/peaceworker and professional lobbyist.

Through the Globel Meditations Network, I have become aware of opportunities to add my prayers to the tens of thousands around the world in gratitude for healing for our planet, guidance for our leaders, and faith that love and peace will prevail on earth.

GMN also provides information on gatherings of healers, spiritual speakers, classes and workshops on a myriad of topics all around the world, and general information interested people of all ages, races, nationalities, religions and gender.

During the years I have been receiving e-mails from GMN, I have never been asked for money or any other kind of support for any of the projects listed in its directory of information. I have not been asked to participate in any direct political or religious activity and, as an American citizen, have ALWAYS had the option to either delete the messages or write the address provided to ask to be removed from the mailing list.

I would humbly offer that those who are biased in the fear-based rhetoric of the early days of the 21st century step back from the name-calling and false accusations and do more thorough research before making such inflammatory judgements about the Global Meditations Network and those of us who appreciate the information they provide. After all, no one is labeling those who oppose our choices as "psycho war neurotics".

Again, I send heartfelt gratitude to those who maintain and disseminate the information on behalf of the Global Meditations Network. You provide a bright and shining voice for peace, faith and hope for a future where the world has embraced oneness and we are truly living as the Creator meant us to live - in peace, harmony and love with one another and with our planet.

Blessings and Peace,
Nan Hanna-Paquin


187. Dear Barbara this is Sandra vdK Snider.

I was deeply hurt when I read Your E-mail, but now after contemplating, I realize that the letter, speaking of looney aso .is just the Oposite of the Balance and we have to accept it. There are People Who think that way and i feel sorry for them, but lets not get weak from it, let it give us strength to go on in the way we think it is right.Thinking positive, itís always good to see the enemy and know they are lurking. But lets be strong in Love and Light and Peace.



188. Hi, Barbara . . .

It looks like the energies of the world are starting to split into sides creating the idea of right and wrong, then judging as such. We can only keep our focus of Peace, Love and Light for the Earth and the Universe. It is too bad people do not understand that we all want is healing our planet by minimizing war and maximizing Caring for each person and their country.

Blessings in your efforts . . . Daniel
Shenandoah, Texas, USA


189. Dear Barbara and friends of the Global Meditations Network,

Your desire to openly communicate and share of the light that is God in us has blessed me and our spiritual community time and again.

I take the information you provide and use it to direct our ministry in the direction of healing in light. You are a vital link to our being informed enough to participate in global prayer activity.

I bless you and give thanks for you.

In one heart,

Juan Enrique Toro

Unity-Costa Rica
Costa Rica, Central America


190. Hello Barbara,

I would like to share with you another perspective in appreciation of the lovely work you do. A wise teacher once reminded me that "What other people think of me is none of my business." This groups energetic body has not been wounded and there is no spear. Only words, passing energies, moving out of a low vibration of fear and confusion. If you give them no place to land, deny them resonance, then they have no lingering content.

An "attack" of any kind is simply an opportunity for us to uncover deeply hidden feelings and heal them with love and release. And belief in the concept of "attack" is what keeps us trapped in the duality paradigm of war and peace. Be peace now. You are not attacked. You are beyond such a diminutive and ineffectual concept. You are manifesting peace by being peace. Stay with who you really are.

With much gratitude and appreciation for the work we all do to help humanity.


Valerie Thea Vandermeer
Founder, EarthWalk


191. 2/28/03

Hi Barbara,

I have three valuable sentences that you and others may wish to apply when you may feel wounded by anotherís words.









192. I am stunned that anyone would misread the intent of our network. If we are looney then Jesus, Lao Tse, Buddha, and all other spiritual teachers are loonies! Even God is looney, for anything BUT love and Unity is NOT God's way...

I see nothing subversive or condemnatory of anyone else's point of view. We are working together for positive outcomes for all situations.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA


193. Dear, dear Barbara;

I have so very much appreciated the Light you have been shining and sharing with others for years now. My life and world are so much richer for all I have learned through your emails: real grounded, innovative, grass-roots peace sharing and peace work. Thank you so very much.

Marianna, USA


194. In the beginning there was the Word. And the words flow out to align, inspire, catalyze hope, ameliorate feelings of powerlessness, re-mind us of our intentions, define our choices and bring us together as the wave in which we truly are particles of consciousness We particles of consciousness form a wave of heartsounds, varieties of response and action which affects outcomes of planetary events. Our wave sends signals to ancient Gods still listening and the alignment weaves beyond our small blue orb. As Nelson Mandela has remarked, what we fear is our power. How easy to label it loony, irresponsible, neurotic, to attempt to disempower the birthing authentic power of humanity's great conscious heart in cosmic alignment dedicated to sublime evolution!

 Trinity Shea


195. Dear Barbara,

The quilt of peace and love and joy and light is covering Mother Earth and all of us on her with the heat of a trillion cosmic we continue to heal ourselves and each other, day in and day out, we know that everything is a gift, everything is God... we own our divinity...and we acknowledge the divinity in all of creation.

You are Love, I am Love...the most powerful energy in the Universe.

Hugs of gratitude and harmony...Terri...Arizona. USA


196. Dear light by Barbara Wolf,

I Am feeling with you. In this time of Armagheddon many energies try to pierce the lovelight, that forms our different human bodies.

They will fail, because their arrows dont find the structure, they are meant for.

Let us calm down and center in the only way left, in the peace an lovelight of God/Godess to find our way through!

There is no need to mend the wounds - for there are none. There is just the lightenergie in you and you and me....

With love and light and power

through the MAHATMA-Haus Inzell, Germany

by Dorotea


197. My name is Kevin, from Missouri, USA.

Please know the Global Meditions Network is a group of spiritual based individuals united in the belief of Peace, Love, and Light. As a community unified by God, our work is founded in our belief to counter the destructive powers with positive constructive efforts. Man is not destined to create peace by waging war. Contrary, lasting peace can only be achieved with love. Nothing can stop love, and thus the destiny is long ago decided. Let us all stop resisting the true nature of ourselves with the illusion of destroying our selves with our own fears and hate for other humans.

Love, Light and Peace,


198. The Global Meditations Network for me, is a group of people striving to bring peace to our planet. In a world where negativity is becoming more prevalent, Global Meditations are needed to spread a positive energy to all corners. With peace, love flows more easily, and when we can all really truly love, then the light will coming streaming through! I am proud to be, and have a need to be, connected to this wonderful group.

Lynn, Scotland


199. Praying for PEACE and LOVE



200. Dearest Barbara,

 Thank you for this opportunity of telling you once again how Very Much I appreciate what you are doing to inform and uplift our " Community of Believers" in supporting a more Sane, and Sacred world.

 All of us who support the belief that it is time to "beat our swords in to plowshares and pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any
more" ( Bible, Isaiah 2:4) and to embrace the idea of a world where we can live in peace and brotherhood........are being attacked. That is ALWAYS the outcome for those who think "out of the box", and who are the ground breakers for the generations to come.........of "new" thought...........History is littered with the stories of such thinkers.

 If I am accused, ( which I have been ) , of being mentally deficient, "new age" , crazy, unpatriotic, pacificist, or whatever......I will accept those titles as a part of the baggage I carry for the Principles of Peace. I would much rather be banished for doing something noble and worthwhile, rather than tuck my tail between my legs in fear and cowardice of saying/doing nothing . History will prove the merit of this undertaking..........

And so I leave with the same admonition as the Angels, 2,000 years ago; may there be "Peace on Earth, and Good Will To ALL Men"...........

Yours in Light and Love,
Chiquita Berry

Talking Rock, Georgia
Age: 67


201. As a Native American Pipemaker and Pipe Carrier, I have seen many wonderful things happening in our "New World" today. Our world is new every moment that we live. Many people want to hold on to the past for fear of losing their control and what they have. The truth is, that we have nothing but each other, for that is what our Creator has given us. All things in the Universes come from our Creator (no matter what we call that). Our life is a gift and it is our job here on Earth is to grow and love one another. To strive to live in peace and harmony, so that we can all be all that we can be. The Global Meditations Network is a wonderful place to connect with loving, intelligent people from all over the world, doing positive things and making this Earth a better place to live. Here in the United States we have the freedom to speak our opinions. It is our job to speak the truth and be accountable for what we say and do. Through this Network, I have meet hundreds of people who do just that!

Thank you so much for your tome and attention. Said with great respect.

 Mishwaniquad / Mahpiya Luta
Red Cloud
Rick Hull


202. Dear Barbara,

 I have had my meditation groups and I emphasized that raising the consciousness to the level of peace and joy is the only way to find peace. We can only change ourselves and from there envelop the world into the light of love and peace - but not even think of war, fight etc.

I was guiding them into places of beauty and energy of bliss and supported this with wonderful music, so that tears of joy where running down their cheeks, and then from this state of mind which has a very high calibration, send love out from this consciousness of bliss and love.

 I send you and wrap Mother Gaia in a wave of beauty, love, bliss and peace

 Katharina of Thailand


Dear Barbara,

 In this time of earthly unrest, Global Meditations Network offers peaceful solutions, networking ideas for peace and meditations, and a general sense of the progress that we are making as a people toward the goal of peace in this world. What could possibly be wrong with that?

 The group or organization who made such comments, seem as though they are ignorant. If they gave it enough thought to actually call the network names, it would seem to me that they don't have much to do in their own organization. Who has time for knocking others, especially if they are working for the good of the world peoples? An organization that isn't fulfilling it's own goals, desires, or needs, perhaps. Or, an individual in the organization who is angry and doesn't have anything better to do.

 Sending them love, peace, and light. Sounds like they need it, and don't we all?

 Lovingly and peacefully,

 Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. Iíll meet you there ~ Rumi


204. Hello from Dublin, Ireland - Barbara

Here is my effort using the positive words of Peace, Love and Light:

"To see our EARTH in a grain of sand,
And radiant LOVE in a wild flower,
To hold infinite LIGHT in the palm of your hand,
and eternal PEACE in an hour."

This is my adaptation of a well known short poem.

I hope you like it........and thank you for your all your beautiful and informative emails.

Love, Peace and Light - All-ways


205. Dear Barbara,

We must together arrive at the understanding that all of us are precious and we each do matter in order for peace to be the dominant energy among us here on earth. I find you to consistently be a highly dedicated individual, one who is without prejudice or judgment, gathering peoples in all corners of the planet who are coming together to grow awareness and love of all our fellow beings.

Much love to you, and many thanks for all the wonderful love that you share with us all.



Let There Be You
By Yasuhiko Genku Kimura

In a vast flower garden where thousands of exquisite flowers blossom season after season, you do not need to add another flower to make it look more beautiful. It is already perfectly beautiful. Yet, you will recognize that planting another flower adds something very precious to the totality of the garden-the wholeness that is the garden.

This is what it means to make a difference in the world. You make a difference in the world not because the world needs to be made different, but because it is what happens when you blossom as a precious flower in the garden of the universe-as a conscious expression of energy in the abundant perfection of the kosmos.

You are a singular kosmic destiny, the fulfillment of which is the difference you make in the world-and in the universe. You make a difference. Your life makes a difference. Because of you, and because of the difference you make, a comer of the world will be lit more radiantly than ever before. That light, that radiance, is the substance of the universe that unfolds in the blossoming of your soul.

Let there be light in the world. Let there be you in the full glory of your being.


206. Dear Barbara,

Thank you for the message. I wish to share a poem with you, written after I added my message to the tapestry of e-mails. Your work inspires us all to remain connected in communication and Love.

 Whispering of Angels

With the Silence comes the Sound
that I climb into.
Others sleep.
I am the Sound, deep universes of Sound.
volumes, lifetimes, epics of sound.
I could go louder. I could break down this building with Sound, but I don't.
Some sleeping might not agree with the demolition of our Peace.

I am Sound. I think if this Sound
could be heard in D.C. and Baghdad
we could get on with the proper care of the children
and hold the weeping eyes of the mothers.
And the foolish brutes could spend their eternities in bed recovering
from the Whispering of Angels.

 I offer this poem to the on going tapestry of our voices. Thank you for the courage and the calling to weave us all together.

 Love and Blessings,
Katherine, America


207. Dear Barbara,

We are all Godís children and as one of them I feel I do not have the right to dictate too or harm any of my brothers and sisters. To gently guide and educate all for the highest good of all and harm of none in loving compassion is surely the only way to ensure the existence of all of us and the flora and fauna and planet earth.

We would all loose so much if just one more culture or one more species was to be eliminated from our. dear family on earth.

 In Love, compassion and respect,
Jan of Australia.


208. 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God'

Sonia in Singapore


209. I write to express my gratitude to the organization Global Meditations. This organization has presented itself with such integrity and has connected so many people. It is a great resource for many peoples of all faiths, cultures, and lifestyles to come together under a common denominator for unity and harmony. I have only positive things to say about Global Meditations and support it wholeheartedly for their gift of resources, inspiration, and meditation to make this world a better place. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Shelley of New York, NY


210. Dear Barbara,

 I am astounded that a large foundation would even think to throw a "spear" of such accusation at!!! Not to mention take the time for such petty behavior. I am glad they have made us aware of what must be great fear beneath the anger.

 Far from considering ourselves looney toons, I consider this organization one of the most grounded and well-connected. For myself, I am a small business owner (medical transcription/word processing, 10 years) and have been a minister and teacher for almost 20 years. Amazing that I might be considered a looney toon, when I support myself, patriotically support my nation in prayer for our political leaders (whether or not I agree or like them), and globally support the world, recognizing the greatest need for harmony and serenity, well being and prosperity for all.

 Perhaps this foundation will accept my prayers that their fears and anger be relieved and changed as I send my gratitude to God that they could ask for our prayers in the way of this "spear." I am grateful that God and all the angels will bless them with new awareness, understanding, and inner harmony so that they recognize our prayers for peace on Earth come simply from our hearts, and that our prayers are for the Highest Good of All, knowing that the Divine Plan is in action. Hoping too that they realize we are praying continuously so that the children might live in peace with full bellies and warm safe shelter for themselves and their families. These prayers are for ALL children wherever they live ... including theirs. The children ARE our future. We are the examples they have to follow. It is our actions which provide that display. I give thanks that God guides our actions to be of the purest motives and highest integrity.

 There are many things "wrong" in the world; there are many people who appear to be "bad." However, in the words of my relatives, we are all related ... we are All One here. When One is harmed, All are harmed. When One is helped, All are helped. And in this Oneness, let us give thanks that the Highest Good is done at any moment of our lives (whether we LIKE it or not).

 With love and support for you, dear Barbara, who have done such an incredibly magnificent job of keeping communications open between so many at such a crucial time on this planet!!!!

 Rev. Alisha Henri

Ministry of Spirit's Song
Mentone, Alabama


When All of us realize
That we are All One here,
Then, can our dream be made manifest:
Peace Prevails on Earth



 The Global Meditations Network is one of the sanest, most useful, networks of the many I receive. Spiritual yet grounded, Barbara's messages are full of the light and love that serves humanity's highest and noblest visions.


Kihei-Maui, Hawaiii


212. This will certify that we have only the highest regards for Barbara Wolf and the Global Meditations Network. Having known her for several years, we appreciate the good work and dedication that she has shown in connecting people who have only the highest aspirations for healing, love, light and harmony. We strongly support her efforts and will continue to work with her towards the greater good.

 Mary Carlin

Earth Society Foundation
Earth Day International


213. Contemporary science (quantum physics) states that everything is energy---and that the energy can be directed and increased by conscious intention. (prayer) And it can be further increased when many persons join in holding the same intention.

Jesus is credited with saying that where two or more are gathered in prayer, that there He is in the midst of them.

 In Global Meditations Network, our intention is peace. love, and harmony for ALL.

Global Meditations Network keeps us informed of many other organizations worldwide that hold the intention of world harmony. It is very heartening to know that people around the globe are joined in mind and heart for this purpose.

Love will prevail when a sufficient amount of energy is poured into it.

"Although the wrong seems often so strong, God is the ruler yet" (words from a church hymn I sang in my youth.)

 Blessings from Mara of Colorado


214. In a world where fear is wielded to control the masses, the Global Peace Network is a shining beacon of positive hope. . . Nicki, USA

 Many blessings on you and what you do and what you stand for.



215. Peace, Love, and Light cannot be diminished by verbal abuse it's source is beyond all limiting actions it will not cease to exist

 sincerely, K from U.S.A


216. dear Barbara :

 for the Global Meditations Network

 I AM instantly transmuting any and all low vibrations into the pure divine electronic Light.

 I AM invoking perfect and permanent protection against any undesirable disturbance in whatever form.

 I AM invoking Peace, Love and Light to be the only and permanent vibrations in and around the Global Meditations Network.

 thank you Barbara, for the important work you do !!!! Eric


217. Greetings my friend

 The words of Sun Tzu in 'The Art of War' "To avoid a battle, give the enemy no place to strike"

 In the words of Gabriel "I have met the enemy, and it is myself." Blessed are the Peacemakers for they shall see God. Christ said; "I bring not peace but a Sword"

 A question of peace

In dealing with world events, I feel that there are a couple of points that may help to keep a sense of clarity.

 The first is the fact that peace is a tool for the unification of humanity. Peace is something that is aligned with, not achieved. Peace already exists in the future, I have seen it. Whether in an individual or in a race, it is the path taken to a goal which is the defining quality rather that the goal itself. Goals are arbitrary and transitory. They are vehicles for the creation of a path.

 This brings us to the second point of interest. Peace is the effect of the emanations of a harmless consciousness. Peace cannot be forced on an individual of a race because it is an effect not a cause. It becomes apparent that the source of peace is within each individual. The world can be engulfed in war around an individual who has made peace within and the war will never touch them. "Behold a New Heaven and a New Earth" No matter what course the world takes, each of us is the Light of the World. In this realization lies the second coming of the Christ.

 War is the result of individual conflict which has not been confronted. This energy then spills out into racial consciousness where it is picked up and vented in the form of war.

 I am with you always


 Namaste Barbara

 Just as children reveal their fear in name-calling, so do those that define any group with these terms ("looney psycho peace neurotics") reveal their fear of anything different than themselves. "By their fruits ye shall know them", and the fruits of the global effort are apparent to those that wish to see them. What harm may come from love? Real unconditional love, not possessiveness, can only add light to the word, and we that join our love can only be a force for good. In some ways, this attack does not seem to warrant response, but in the Spirit of the One Life, let us be returned to innocence.

InJoy InLove InLight ...............Devi