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March 26, 2009





Hello from my heart, everyone. is a world map of tectonic plates. is a world map showing recent earthquakes.

Tectonic plate movement, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions are normal at any time, but, just now, as intense energy has been coming onto the earth, more activity can be expected. The Native American will say that Mother Earth is adjusting herself.

There are ways for us to help her adjustments.

1. Corn calms. Print out the tectonic plate map and lay kernels of corn on the plate lines.

With the mind, visualize the tectonic plates are being calmed by the corn.

Put this map in a prominent place where you can see it and thus think about what you are doing to help adjust the planet.

2. Sound/music is a tool you can use. Visualize the excess energy at the Ring of Fire, and use sound/music to help your mind CHANGE the excess energy into Peace Energy for Mother Earth.

Visualize you are sending deep within her this newly changed energy. She will accept your offering.

Remember, while the catís away, the mice will play. This means that if you do not consciously change the thought form of the excess energy to a different thought form, such as Peace energy, it will revert to its original thought form.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf