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The violet flame, first introduced by St. Germain and available to everyone on this planet, can transmute what is not wanted.

Patricia Cota-Robles has written an excellent article on the violet flame and I urge you to read it.

This article is called Important Information For 2006, and it can be found on her website, which is the copyrighted website of the New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose. Also, I have posted her article here.

Who is St. Germain who has introduced this important tool for us to use? I suggest you click to

My first encounter with St. Germain was unusual. I had returned to Brazil to speak at Pax Universal of Sao Paulo, a peace center. Instead of traveling directly to Sao Paulo, I first visited at Abadiania the center of Joao de Deus, the remarkable healer, where, in a brief meeting he said to me, The Master is with you, have a good journey.

I thanked him and within minutes, I was on my way by taxi to the airport of Brazilia where I flew to Sao Paulo. The Joao words held firmly in my mind, but I did not realize which Master he was referring to, St. Germain, until the next evening when I was escorted with two other Americans, Cherokee Elder SilverStar and Margaret Fikioris, to front row seats of a Pax Universal large room already filled to capacity. We were seated directly in front of a large wall portrait of St. Germain.

I looked at this portrait and was startled to see that the eyes were alive, looking at me. Carmen Balhestero, directress of Pax Universal, came to a small stage facing the audience, seated herself, and within seconds she was speaking rapidly, very rapidly, in Portugese. She was channelling St. Germain.

I looked at the alive eyes of St. German as she was speaking, my thoughts on him, curious about this one who was looking at me. I was not familiar with his background.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, Carmen, without missing a beat, switched from Portugese to English. St. Germain was speaking directly to the three of us.

He said, to help the planet and humanity, we three must begin to co-create with the consciousnesses of all available beings, be they humans, elementals, nature spirits, angels, Masters in other realms and dimensions, etc.

Margaret Fikioris and I had already been co-creating with the cells of the body to remove disease, and that was the topic we spoke about to the Brazilian audience, but the suggestion of St. Germain required introducing a much larger concept.

The following day, and for the next four days, we three joined forces to advise the many people coming to us for help. St. Germain was with us the entire time, joining his consciousness with ours to co-create ways to help the people. At times, in my opinion, what I witnessed was miraculous.

Joao de Deus, the healer, was right. The Master (St. Germain) was with us, and yes, we had a good journey. is the website for Pax Universal. If you click on it, you will hear a Strauss waltz in the background. St. Germain likes Strauss waltzes.

I am happy Patti Cota-Robles has recently written for all of us how to use the violet flame, first introduced by St. Germain, to transmute what is not desired, what is not reflecting love, harmony and balance.

This tool of the violet flame can be used personally as well as globally.

I love her description of how the violet flame helps change our electronic patterns. She reminds us, though, that once a negative pattern is removed, we need to fill the void with the positive.

To me, this new tool of the violet flame is promising especially when we have a firm grasp on who we are and what we must do to clean ourselves and our planet.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf