Note from Barbara:
Will You Help Purify Water was first posted on this web site July 8, 2001.
Today, July 6, 2003, is close to the Global Water Healing date of July 25, 2003., and the same message is again pertinent.

Water healing suggestions from you, you, and you.




I am writing this in conjunction with Raymon Grace, who has techniques you can use to energize water.

What do they say in the textbooks? Our planet is made up of nearly three quarters water? They also say that our physical bodies are made up of over 70% water.

It would seem that the best scenario for our planet and for our bodies is to have pure water.

Yes, some of us buy spring water in the stores, and some of us have water purifiers in our homes, because we do not feel safe drinking tap water. Wouldn't it be nice if we could drink water from any source without being concerned about contaminants?

Wouldn't it be nice if our oceans, lakes, rivers, streams were PURE?

Raymon Grace says I can tell you in six words how to clean up the waters of our planet.

"Scramble the frequency of the pollutants."

Well, folks, if you know how to do this, we can all put smiles on our faces!

Rayman Grace says, here is a simple way to energize and clean water:

Say a prayer over the body of water, whether it is a glass of water or a lake or stream. Ask for the pollutants to be neutralized and the molecular structure of the water to be adjusted to that of pure water in its original, pristine state.

He says, I put a bottle of water from my spring on the table at the Canadian Society of Dowsers conference in Toronto last week, and I had the dowsers check the energy field. It was about three feet wide as opposed to the energy field of tap water, which is normally six inches wide.

Then I energized the bottle of water I'd brought with me and I asked the dowsers to recheck its energy field. They found it was too big to be checked within the room and so they had to walk down the hall about thirty feet to find the edge of the energy field.

Raymon Grace is busy teaching classes on changing energy for beneficial purposes, and so he has little time to answer emailed questions, but if you want to email him about classes, he is at

I am still receiving emails from people sending Love to the world via the HARP broadcasting station at the top of the world in Alaska. If you are using this wonderful place to broadcast, maybe you will use Raymon Grace's technique of sending a prayer for all the bodies of water in the world, asking for the pollutants to be neutralized and the molecular structure of water to be adjusted to pure water in its original, pristine state.

Here are specific 'problem waters' that need work.

1. The Pacific Ocean at Johnston Atoll is contaminated with plutonium.

2. The Atlantic Ocean is being contaminated by leaking containers of nuclear waste.

3. The Baltic Sea is being contaminated by leaking containers of poisoned chemicals dumped there after World War II.

4. The Adriatic Sea is being contaminated by thousands of unexploded bombs originally destined for Kosovo, but dropped into the sea before returning to home base.

Raymon Grace's book, "The Future Is Yours -- Do Something About It', is available on his website:

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf