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July 31, 2005 email from:
Simon Peter Fuller,,

 A small WWV group was working on stagnant water in a Henge not far from Avebury at the time of Dr Emoto's work in Liechtenstein. We used the energy of hundreds of samples of holy waters collected from all over the planet. Great to hear that a new Crop Circle appeared nearby too!
From: Richard Giles,
To: Simon Peter Fuller
July 31, 2005


hi All,

Well, its happened again and what a formation to dazzle the brain and the eyes!! Last week was an International Meditation on Water Day - see the email below here... and this formation appeared in the fields near Aveburyhenge on 24th July just as the meditations were to star around the world. What an amazing circle and message from the cosmos and the collective consciousness of the planet feats your eyes on the pictogram... and below is the written material from the website.
best, Richard

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - has information on the global, July 24, 2005, water event initiated by Dr. Masaru Emoto.

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From Carl Youri

The 'Love and Gratitude' formation has the following water explanation posted near the bottom of the web page.

This season I have been putting out the intention and hoping for a formation that would reflect the amazing work of Masaru Emoto, to draw attention to his ground breaking discoveries. Masaru Emoto, creative and visionary Japanese researcher, has published an important book, "The Message from Water" proving that our thoughts affect everything in, and around us. We are provided with photographic evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water. His work appears in the new film 'What the Bleep do we know?'

The beautiful formation I saw today seems to answer my prayer. Avebury Henge, 24th July. The very same day as his 'Ceremony to Send Love and Thanks to the World's Water'
(funnily enough Masaru Emoto's 'LOVE AND PEACE TO WATER DAY' is also on 25th July 'The purpose of this Project is just to dedicate our sincere Love and Thanks together to all the water on this planet. Water is the most ordinary matter on this planet, but at the same time it is multidimensional and connected deeply with our own consciousness. By sending our Love and Thanks to water, we believe that we can not only purify the water on this planet but also raise our own collective consciousness towards the peace of world.'

The new formation echoes the geometry of a water molecule from a bottle of water that has had the words 'love and gratitude' written on it! See my photoshop remix.

 with bit more research I found that Emoto has placed water on a photo of a crop circle (Beckhampton, 28th July 1999) and the resultant water molecule image reflects the formation perfectly. Muy mysteriouso!

some of the water molecule images can be seen at

Masaru Emoto's site is

May we send out Love and Gratitude to the water in and around us and transform our reality.
Carl Youri