Initiated by Japanese water scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto.

Let us gather at the waters of the world.
Let us heal the waters of the world by sending Love to the water.


July 25, World Wide Water Gatherings.
Note from Barbara: July 21, I just added a gathering in Cape Town, South Africa.

Water comments and suggestions from you, you, and you.

Eric Van der Wyk's "Rhythm in the Waves". http://DiscoDolphin.com
Photographs of dolphins and whales. http://www.joanocean.com
Sea Life paintings of Jean Luc Bozzoli. http://www.jeanlucbozzoli.com


Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of “Messages from Water”, asks you to participate. He says, “On July 25th, we offer pure prayer to water in various places of the world, wishing the peace of our earth and human beings. Much water for praying is not required. Only a glass of water will do. And please pray for 3 minutes at home, at work, at the edge of the lake, at the riverside, at the lakeside, or at the beach.

You may pray any time on July 25th. The waves generated by the HADO (vibration) of our sincere prayer will wrap in this wounded planet completely. A blueprint of our planet Earth and our human society filled with Love and Thanks and without any conflicts will be formed on this day.”

Dr. Emoto asks you to say:

I Love You, Water.
I Thank You, Water.
I Respect You, Water.

Some of you have asked how to order Dr. Emoto's "Messages from Water". Click on his web site, http://www.hado.net/ and on the left hand side of the opening page, click on Books. At the bottom of the page, click on How To Order This Book.

"Messages from Water" has remarkable photographs showing changes when water is given thoughts of Love.

Dr. Emoto’s experience, with photographs, in changing polluted lake water in Brazil.

Here are excerpts from that page.

Dr. Emoto will be at the Sea of Galilee (Lake Kinneret) in Israel on July 25. Details of the ceremony are on http://thank-water.net/english/

The above page also tells about other world ceremonies on July 25, and you are invited to email love@thank-water.net to add your information about water events.

If you wish to also send me news of where you will be at the water on July 25, I will put that information on the Global Meditations Network web site.

The Toronto Dowsers are concentrating on Lake Ontario, one of the Great Lakes bordering Canada and the United States. Other lakes and waterways in the same region will be also included in July 25 work. Anyone living in that area, please contact Marilyn Gang, mgang@dowsers.info, who will tell you about techniques originating from water healer Raymon Grace.

http://www.TorontoDowers.com/toronto/water.htm will connect you with water articles, Raymon Grace’s story, and notes from Dr. Emoto’s recent presentation in Toronto.

Dr. Emoto’s office has forwarded an email from Saravanan Velu, devathuuda@yahoo.com.sg, asking that people globally send Love and Thanks on July 25 to the drinking water of an aboriginal community in central Australia in an effort to help change polluted water to clean drinking water. “Uranium mining activity has contaminated the drinking water and many of the natives who live there have been poisoned and are very sick.”

There is much we can do on July 25 to help our planet. Over 70 per cent is water, and nearly the same percentage is within your body and within mine. On July 25, let us work together to heal the waters.

Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf