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SENDING LOVE AND THANKS TO WATER initiated by Japanese water scientist MASARU EMOTO who has asked everyone world wide to send Love to the water.
Full message about the July 25 Global Water Project.


From Barbara Wolf:

I have taken a water sample from Lake Ontario, Manitou Beach, New York State, and sent it to Liechtenstein. Lake Ontario and its sister lakes join to make the Great Lakes, the largest fresh water resource on this planet.


From Margaret Fikioris:

Water from the Atlantic Ocean at Cape May, New Jersey, directly East of Washington D.C., has been collected and sent to Liechtenstein.


From SilverStar:

I have taken samples of spring water from central and eastern MISSOURI and sent this to Liechtenstein for the July 25 ceremony of joining the waters of the world.


From Korina Kochendorfer:
Women's Water Rites Foundation

Hello Barbara!

We are holding ceremony here on Vashon Island, WASHINGTON STATE.

I will be holding ceremony on my own from Mackinaw Island, (Lake Michigan) MICHIGAN.

We also have Sandra Ingerman, (Author of Medicine for the Earth-How to transform personal and environmental toxins) holding ceremony in Santa Fe, NEW MEXICO.

We also have several people up on Vancouver Island, BRITISH COLUMBI.



From Judy Burke:

I will be collecting water from a point in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the three rivers meet. We had just done a ceremony in may. We had blessed some water, flower essences and a scalar enhanced stone. Our intention was to add this to the Ohio River that flows out into the Mississippi which flows out to the Gulf of Mexico and then to the oceans for the healing of this beautiful body of water that we are surrounded by. We said our prayers, made our intentions and right after we added all of this I threw the stone out as far as I could. Within seconds this beautiful rainbow appeared on the river. It was unlike any rainbow anyone had ever seen. It was 360 degrees extending from my feet in a beautiful circle that layed on the river. It was amazing. We sat down to meditate and on the other side of the river was some kind of tribute and a group of bagpipers started playing the song Amazing Grace. As I said it was amazing. I will be sending water from this exact spot to Japan for their blessing.


From Linda Males:

Hello Barbara! I live in Northern Ontario and just wanted to let you know that I took a sample from the lake where I live called Gillies Lake which is connected to the Montreal River..Lake Temiskaming..the Mattawa River...the Ottawa River...the St. Lawrence then the ocean!...when I sent the sample I had to write what was in the package..the clerk mentioned that she wasn't sure whether I could send water by mail but I made light of that so hopefully it will get there...I sent some good energy and protection along with it...our lake is really a lovely , mostly unpolluted lake and I am so happy to be a part of the experiment...I love the energy of water and we so enjoy living near it...please keep us posted as to what happens and thanks for the story as peace and love and healing..Linda Males


 From M. Valanzano,

July 25, 4 pm EDST/1 pm PDST. (Dalight Savings Time), Ascended Master Dywhal Khul's and his group, The Beacons, channelling by Rev. Carol Wakefield, will perform a ceremony in conjunction with Dr. Emoto's water ceremony, and you are invited to attend. Free Call-In Number: 319-279-1015. (Plus cost of a long distance call.) Free Access Code: 46824814#. You may call in from anywhere.

The Purpose of the Ceremony is to “dedicate our sincere love and thanks together to all the water on this planet”* with the intention that we “purify all of the water on this planet but to also raise our own collective consciousness toward the peace of the world”.* (*quoted from:

The Procedure: Using a clean, capped glass bottle, place in it a small quantity of water from wells, ponds, streams, rivers,lakes, or ocean where you live. Before capping the bottle, please give Hado (highest vibration) of Love and Thanks to the water on your own. Have it with you when you join the teleconference call.

The Beacons will have water from the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the Niagara Falls as our contribution to the Water Blessing and the water that we have all gathered will be energetically placed back into the body of water from where it came. Dr. Emoto is collecting water from all over the world and upon the Blessing of the Water, it will be placed into the Rhine River to end up in the Northern Sea.

Won’t You Please Join Us in the Performance of “The Hado of Love and Thanks to Water Ceremony”.


 From Phyllis Von Muller,

July 25 water ceremony will be held on the banks of the Pend Oreille River and Kent Creek at 10 a.m. PDST: 427735 State Route 20, Newport, WASHINGTON STATE.


From Lois Grant,; Tel: 404 252-8525

Dear Barbara,

I will be having a potluck dinner at 6 PM on Sunday July 25 followed by a Love and Thanks to Water meditation by my lake at 8 PM (EDT) in Atlanta, Georgia. I sent a sample of the lake water to Liechtenstein, as well.

Those who wish to join the July 25 events, please RSVP to 404 252-8525 or

Thanks, Lois


From Robin Milstead,

Hi Barbara,

Thank you for the information on the July 25 water ceremony. I am sending water to Liechtenstein from the Muskingum River (near Zanesville, Ohio) which flows into the Ohio River and the Mississippi......

I will be holding a small private ceremony here in my Sacred Healing Grid on July 25 and would like to send my love and thanks as close to the ceremony time over there (as possible). If someone wishes to contact me, besides my email, here is my phone number:

Robin Milstead 740-588-9316


From Terry,

Hi again,

Just to let you all know that indeed I did go down to the Rio Grande this morning and mailed in the sample she gave to me. I sent it Global Express so should arrive in time.

I was given another reminder of the importance of language... her sample given rather than a sample taken. And I was reminded about approach: If I/we believe the River is alive and a valued community member then the River has a voice, a say and perhaps didn't want to be fragmented and sent off in a bottle somewhere... no matter how worthy the idea.... to what end if we/I forget to ask? what message do we send when we just take without asking regardless of intent?

So I was gently reminded, to ask... if she wanted to participate rather than assuming... And the message I got back was a Yes! that it was important to her to share the gifts and honor given to her over the years with her sister the Rhine River... and all the waters of the earth that will be gathered there...

I had this great image of all us opposable thumb- two-legged beings in service to the waters of the world... literally conducting the hydrological cycle in a new way... so they could be in new places together to do magic... and teach us.... they already exist healed and whole... its us who needs to be taught and shown the magic and possibilities all around us...

Much Love,



From J.D. Koch, H.-J. Kyborg, F.&J. Altmann, Eutonnah:

For those who are in the area of Alton Barnes in the Vale of Pewsey near.Marlbourough, Wiltshire, South England: we have booked the 'Coronation Hall' in Alton Barnes for Sunday 25th July, 5pm for one hour. There will be the briefing for the meditation on the next day, Monday, July 26th, which is another birthday of our Mother Earth.


From Louis Mejia,; Tel: 786-268-2723:

In Miami, FLORIA, we are gathering at 46 and Collins at sunrise 6 am and at 8 pm at Studio 57 Address-5748 NE 4th Ave. Crystal Ceremony Meditation with water, and much more.


From Eileen Lighthawk,

We are holding a local water ceremony for those in the Santa Fe / Taos area, NEW MEXICO.


 From Helen Dusek:

My water sample was taken from the Lake Washington Slough system in Bellevue WA, USA, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I have given it my gratitude and love, Hado! The slough is in a protected area, inhabited by creatures of the water, land and air in the heart of a busy urban area. We work and live together here. No pesticides or toxins are supposed to be used in this area so that all may flourish. The slough itself is extremely fertile and viable, supporting nesting areas for heron and marsh birds, spawning grounds and the essence of life for otter, beaver, mink, coyote and raccoon to name but a few. On behalf of those creatures with whom I share this space I offer this water gift, brought to Liechtenstein by River Runs With Thunder, that it be blessed and filled with the Hado of Love and Thanks. May this water become one with the Rhine and join the energies of those present for the Blessing, to assist in purifying all of the Waters of Turtle Mother Earth.

I will join in celebration with the Hado Love and Thanks to Water in a meditation at the appointed hour of Blessing in my time zone. May it be so!



SENDING LOVE AND THANKS TO WATER, July 25, initiated by Japanese water scientist MASARU EMOTO who asked everyone world wide to send Love to the water.
Full message about the July 25 Global Water Project.




I wanted to let you know what was accomplished on the DK Beacon's world teleconference for the World Ceremony, Project of Love and Thanks to Water. We had a huge response, over 230 people attended our ceremony. We had people who called from all over the world. All but just a few stayed on through out the entire call.

Ascended Master and World Teacher Djwhal Khul (channeled by Rev. Carol Wakefield) is very excited about the ceremony's success and we (The DK's Beacons, so named by Djwhal) are pleased to be doing our world service and honoring our commitment to Djwhal to act as a vehicle for sharing his teachings and techniques for Self Mastery and Inner Peace as a way to heal our world.

During the ceremony, as we went from continent to continent, to river, stream, lake and sea, I was amazed how the Water came out of her comatose state to say, "you forgot me, you forgot me!" as if we couldn't get to each body of water fast enough. We had to move into a less specific approach and enlighten all water by declaration. So great was the awakening, like a person readying him/herself for a healing, that an anxiousness arose from water for release of the accumulated negativity, pollution, and hatred projections, to be filled with the enlivening energy of love and thanks.

Literally, all the water on the planet lit up, sparkled and danced with our Love and Thanks. The Water, that was rain, sparkled as it dropped onto land and sea. A great sigh emitted from her form. When looking at the Water from above it was as sparkling reverts winding through the land, exploding into the seas. The world looked transformed. The Water has been re-awakened and rejuvenated. This has served all in the highest light and contributed to world peace and Mother's ascension.

The DK Beacons are now talking of adding Water Healing to our monthly Peace Convocation teleconference call.. If you or anyone else would like to join the DK Beacon's monthly Peace Convocation call, the next date is:

- Thursday, August 12th 6:30 PM EDST / 3:30 PM PDST (DST = Daylight Savings Time);
- Call-In Number is 319-279-1015 (you can call that number from anywhere);
- Access Code: 46824814# (this is a free access number, although Donations are appreciated. Donations can be sent to : Mary Valanzano, PO Box 4912 Gulf Shores, AL 36547).

Future monthly Peace Convocation dates can be obtained by contacting me at my e-mail: In about a month The DK Beacons will have their own web site.