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Hello from my heart, everyone.

Dr. Emoto has postponed the July 25 water ceremony at the Sea of Galilee, Israel.

For your review, has information about the ceremony on July 23 in Lichtenstein and the ceremony on July 25 in Israel that is now delayed.

It is my opinion that we do not have to cancel our plans for July 25. The thought form is made. Let us proceed. After blessing the water you have, will you be releasing it on July 25? If so, release it with joy and love. The water will feel your intent.

If you want to hold some water for a later event, that is a good idea.

When something stops a big event such as the ceremony at the Sea of Galilee to help bring peace to the region, I personally dig in my feet (American slang). I will not retreat. I will not accept defeat. On July 25 I will place a small containter of water on a map of the Sea of Galilee and the region. I will do a water ceremony of blessing and then, with my mind, I will send this thought form of love and thanks and respect for water to the Sea of Galilee and to the entire region to help bring peace. Energy follows intent.

I am one entity joined to a great mass consciousness.
You, who are a part of a great mass consciousness, I ask you to join me on July 25.

We do not have to accept defeat. The word is not in my mental dictionary and I do not think it is in yours either.

 Peace, Love, and Light,
Barbara Wolf