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Natural Defenses Against Biological Toxins
Chemical, Biological and nuclear weapons - the truth. An article giving practical information on what to do.
Are you worried about Anthrax? This article may ease your concern. Hearts/Healing Nations: The Science of Peace and the Power of Prayer

After September 11:

Always remember, a positive thought equals positive energy. One positive thought combines with another, and another, and another, to help make an ocean of positive energy. Little by little, step by step, that is how an ocean of positive energy is made in order to counter an ocean of negativity that tries to command our world today.
Abraham-Hicks' Teachings In Brief.
The Power of Love Energy.

I want to write you about NEW YORK CITY, and about the United States are a whole. Please click here.

Pierre Pradervand's 'The Gentle Art of Blessing' is another help in this time of stress and uncertainty.
It begins: "On awakening, bless this day, for it is already full of unseen good which your blessings will call forth; for to bless is to acknowledge the unlimited good that is embedded in the very texture of the universe and awaiting each and all."
Acts of kindness.